Makeover Your Hair With One Simple Trick (It’s Completely Free)

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Guide To… Changing Your Life By Washing Your Hair

Motherhood isn’t glamorous. Last night, our new kitten Odile was chasing a fly around the room at midnight, and sent a full-length mirror crashing to the floor in the process. If this wasn’t bad enough, the aftershock of this disaster sent waves throughout the houyse, causing my youngest to run into our room startled and half awake. As I happily scooped her into hug her, she went in for a miscommunicated kiss and slammed her dome into mine. While laughing it off but seeing stars, she then attempted to plant another pucker on her Momma… only to laugh so hard herself that she discharged the contents of her nose all over my face. Yes, I’m not even kidding. You can’t make this stuff up. I was on the receiving end of a 6-year-old snot rocket, while temporarily suffering from a concussion… How glamorous can it get?

That, my friends, is motherhood. Right when you think you’re getting a much needed kiss, you get a mouth full of slime instead. As you can imagine, glamour is not super high in our house, and it likely never will be. If mucus spa treatments aren’t bad enough, everyday can feel like a bad hair day (#everydamnday). Between my eldest who’s growing out her pixie, and my little who requires about three separate combing sessions + dry hair oil + tight braids per day just to keep the dreadlocks under control… I literally could care less about my strands. My showers have to be short… my hair washing has to be few and far between…and there is zero time for anything else. I do not flat iron, I do not blow dry, I do not curl, I do not squat (okay, I DO squat at the gym lately, but I do legit squat for my ‘do).

This is why I decided to try to shake up my routine ever so slightly in the hopes that it would add some much needed life to my hair. Don’t worry: this requires no new product, no extra time, and no actual effort. Using one simple trick, you can give fresh oomph to your strands… at least temporarily. It worked for me (as you will see from these photos), although I’m not sure if I will always use this technique or simply try it once in awhile when my locks look drab? Time will tell or you can be the judge. Heres how it works…

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1) Comb Out Dry Hair Before You Get In: The first step to your hair experiment is to comb your hair before you get in the shower or bath, and then lay off. Combing too frequently or at the wrong time can cause breakage to strands or frizz to waves, so comb out the funky hair now, and lay off the brush as much as you can.

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2) Apply Conditioner First… Before Water: I’ve heard about applying conditioner before your shampoo to decrease product buildup and stop weighing down your ends, but I had never applied it before I even got under the faucet itself. Apply your usual conditioner on all dry areas (for me, that’s from about my ear lobes down but will vary from person to person), put it in a bun, and hang out for 5 minutes. I use this time to apply a face mask, brush my teeth, or even slap on some cheap, generic, 5-minute whitening gel from Walmart (to my teeth, obviously).

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3) Rinse and Suds: I realize that “suds” isn’t a verb, but it’s your next step. Rinse the conditioner from your hair with water, and apply shampoo to your entire scalp. I apply a LOT personally (normally a full palm worth) and very gently massage my entire skull, letting the suds fall where they may. Lately, I’m trying to really use the fingertip circular massage technique instead of a more frantic “wash that man right outta my hair” action, to avoid roughing up the cuticle and causing more frizz later.

4) Leave it alone: After the shampoo is rinsed, I like to use a wet brush to carefully come tangles out of my hair one time, smush it up on top of my head, and stop touching it. The wet brush may be the best invention ever, especially when it comes to combing out my 6-year-old’s long curly mane. In terms of smushing your hair up, I make sure to shake it out one time upside down, scrunch lightly with my fingers, and keep the “bun” really loose and unkempt. If I slick it back into a perfect knot that’s tight against my head with no wiggle room or messiness at the root, it will dry a lot more flat and boring.

Now, let’s be honest for a second. I have naturally wavy hair that is maybe a notch or two less curly than my girls… so coaxing wave from my head is pretty easy. This technique won’t work for all of you, so you can dry your hair however you prefer. You can airdry 80% of the way and then use a heating tool of choice to tidy up the end results. You can use no-heat curling rods to coax ringles out (another post for another day… want this to be my next hair experiment?) But even if you have straight or fine ends, the shampooing-last technique will hopefully deliver some new zest to your hair that it hasn’t had in awhile, or vary your routine just enough to work as a clarifying treatment once per month. Even if you have really dry or super curly hair, you can still try this option, but maybe apply your conditioning treatment the night before, and sleep with it overnight to give it more time to hydrate and saturate your ends. You can also a thicker product such as a creamy hair mask or a rich hair oil… whatever floats your lazy boat! The true trick here is giving your strands a break from the same old monotony, without making your shower routine any longer.

Try it and let me know how it worked for you!

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Snarkily Yours,

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