Makeover Your Hair Like Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba: Top Beauty Trends of the Week

Want a mini hair makeover (like busy moms Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba?) It’s easy…

Would you love that Pretty Woman makeover moment (minus the whole “for hire” thing), but are too timid to make a big change? Try small adjustments to your hair for fresh, glossy color (it’s easy!)

* Go Natural: Clairol’s Natural Instincts

If you want to try rich, glossy color but are scared about horribly long-lasting results, this demi-permanent product lasts through 28 shampoos and won’t harm your hair. They even offer a Rich Color Creme, which hydrates and softens your hair (preventing damage), but it still only takes 10 minutes to dye.

* Get Shiny: L’oreal Paris Shine Gloss

This Crystal Clear Shine System is perfect for mommas who want to look like they’ve been to a salon….but don’t have the money or commitment. It brings out your natural highlights, gives you healthy, glossy hair in minutes and has people thinking “what did she do different?”….without any effort or risk. How can we beat that?

* Speak Up: Have you ever used a hair gloss before (or dyed your hair at home?)

Credit: © Celebrity Gossip

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