Don’t Let Distance Stop Your Healthy Habits

Even a trip to Miami won’t hold Makeover Momma TV back…. we had plenty of show to satiate your needs this week! Thanks to a fun weekend at Blogalicious 2010, this episode had a healthy dose of insider videos, travel friendly workout routines and plenty more (quit reading and start watching)…

Note: This version has all videos visible! Enjoy in all it’s helpful glory (or re-watch videos on the  Makeover Momma You Tube page).

The Giveaway: Moore Unique Skincare set

If you haven’t heard of Moore Unique Skincare Products, you’re going to love them now (they spoiled one of you with a live giveaway during Makeover Momma TV, after all). They cover all your skincare needs with this amazing onslaught of products: Silky Hydroglide (to make shaving easier for yourself or even that mad in your life) and the Razor Rash Relief (to soothe any form of irritated skin), plus the Clear Skin Acne Wash, Body Scrub Lotion, Hydrate Facial and Body Wash, and Bath, Body and Hair Oil.

Even though this brand is deliciously affordable (averaging $7 to $12 per product), that’s a near $50 value in products (just for tuning in to Makeover Momma TV)… so be sure to show them the love and check out their brand! Our personal favorite product is the Bath, Body and Hair Oil because it can be used for both men and women to hydrate nearly every area needed (that’s what we call multitasking!)

Product of the Week: Susta Natural Sweetener

Do you want to try a new sweetener that is natural and actually tastes sweet? Even though “healthy” and “natural” sweeteners seem to be all over the market these days, some of the better ones are anything but sweet… they are actually bitter (yuck).  And if you have a sweet tooth like we do, you need that sweetness to satiate your morning coffee routine, bedtime tea habit or even savvy cooking and baking.  That is where Susta comes in: Susta is sweet (ideal for healthier baked goods or tasty drinks) but with added benefits. It contains probiotics, fiber, minerals, and vitamins (such as  10% of our daily allowance of vitamin C, and 5g of B12!) For every goodness-packed packet of Susta, you can also remember that it’s free of all gluten, soy, alcohol, yeast and cholesterol (so it’s even safe for allergen free cooking).

And if you want to try Susta for yourself, you can just click the handy little button below to check it out in the Makeover Momma shop. We’re just cool like that….

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And if you’re wondering how my recent trip to Blogalicious 2010 in Miami, Fl went… just check out this video (above)! I created an insider look at the conference just for you Makeover Momma TV gals… Enjoy!

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