Make Yourself Over With A Brand New Pair of Shades

Victoria Beckham and soon-to-be-mom Ali Larter love their shades…

Contrary to popular belief: moms in glasses can be sexy (would a Tina Fey reference be to cliche right now?) Whether you want to change up your look, need new sunglasses or are simply as blind as a bat, most moms stress out at the thought of buying eyeglasses of any kind. Sunglasses can be even worse… we worry if we have the right shape for our face, the right style to look cool, or the right tint to block the sun.

Before my recent trip to the beach, I was able to put Just Eyewear to the test (not only for myself, but for my husband too). Since we couldn’t be any more different (he with the giant, football-playing head, and me with crooked ears and a neurotic fear that all sunglasses make me look dorky)….we had a lot of needs to cover. Both of us went on the Just Eyewear website, browsed through the glasses, and chose frames that seemed the most flattering. To really put their value to the test, we decided to try the exact same pair of frames, but in the appropriate sizes and tints to our liking (you create the “sunglass” effect by adding a tint at checkout). If that doesn’t sound crazy enough, our sunglasses arrived: and they looked equally good on both of us!
All the glasses are made right here in the U.S. (so you don’t have to worry about your prescription traveling across the world), and it literally was as easy as “point, click, and send” before our glasses were delivered. So now you can stop driving from store to store trying to find the right pair of shades (and can do so right in the comfort of your own home).
* Answer This: What is your favorite style of sunglasses for your face?

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