Make Time For Exercise Like Ellen Pompeo and Gwen Stefani: Real Momma Reader Tip

Every mom wants to try to be healthy and fit for her family… but most of us aren’t sure how to fit it into our daily lives as mothers. Luckily, we can always learn from other successful moms and steal their tips! We love these ideas from Jocelyn (from the Ellament and Her Minions blog) for exercising without being away from your kids…

My Workout Tips: “When I can’t get out (I love taking my kids on walk… and pushing a double stroller is definitely a workout!)- I am a big fan of home videos. I even try to check-out 1-2 new DVD’s every week from my local library. It mixes things up and they’re FREE…I love that.

I also have a running group that goes early in the morning (6 am) while husbands are still home… we get done by 7 am so we have time to shower and get dressed, etc., before work (for your husband or for you both). I actually have been a slacker lately… I think the Holidays threw me off! But I’m ready to kick my butt in gear.”

* Thanks so much for your great tips! What are YOUR top exercise tips (for when you’re home with the kids?) Let us know!

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3 comments on “Make Time For Exercise Like Ellen Pompeo and Gwen Stefani: Real Momma Reader Tip
  1. Rahim says:

    This is great advice because some of the women I know who are moms say that their main culprit for not working out is time. They need to understand that they don\’t need to be confined to a gym for a block of time to get in a workout. All they need is activity, which they can do with their kids and family.

  2. CMac says:

    I’ve found that I need to pay for my gym membership in order to actual stick to my guns at workout. If I just say I’m going to go jogging, I always find something else to do. But when I start paying for the membership I go out of my way to make the time and go. I suppose you could call it a torturous treat to myself 🙂

  3. Bailey says:

    Good point! I definitely think it helps if you live near a gym (or pass by on on your way to/from work) too… (or if it has a childcare place)… What do you tend to do at the gym? Classes, or workout on machines?

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