Make Life Easier With Breakthroughs From L’Oreal: Beauty Trend Focus

Wish your skin and makeup was this perfect (Karolina Kurkova and Nicole Kidman)? Think simple…

The Trend: Designer quality makeup, at L’Oreal prices!

* L’Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Concentrated Eye Shadow Duos

Who doesn’t want smoldering, smoky eyes to stop your Prince Charming in his tracks? Even if the closest prince is your adorable baby or that man snoring on the couch: you still deserve a fairytale moment! L’Oreal has made ten different compacts in all for storybook eyes (each with its own set of colors to make your eyes simply alluring, no matter your mood). Each eye shadow is easily blended with your finger or brush for hours of crease-resistant wear. If you want long-lasting, smooth color for your eyes, this product is like your fairy godmother (don’t you love this metaphor?)

* L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser

Finding the perfect cleanser is like looking for vintage Chanel at a thrift store – difficult, but not impossible. Let’s face it: most cleansers are too creamy (which equals more breakouts instead of less), or too weak (which means lots of effort and no results), or too harsh (which means dry and taut skin that can invariably cause even more breakouts). What’s great about the L’Oreal Go 360 Clean is that there is a different formula tailored to each skin type. And not only that, but each cleanser comes with a scrublet to minimize those pores and wash away dirt and oil. You can choose from the Deep Facial Cleanser, the Deep Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, the Deep Exfoliating Scrub, and the Deep Cream Cleanser.

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One comment on “Make Life Easier With Breakthroughs From L’Oreal: Beauty Trend Focus
  1. I am going to have to look for this L’oreal Go 360 Clean in my local stores. I love a cleanser that feels like my skin is clean, but isn’t too harsh on my sensitive skin leaving me splotchy and itchy.

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