Make Fitness Fun With The New Nano Footboard

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Are you a big spending sistah or a fabulously frugal friend? Makeover Momma TV got down with some budget living on this week’s episode. We talked about coupons, saving big on beauty and fashion, and how to live large while spending little…

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The Giveaway: Nanoâ„¢ Inline Footboard

Do you ever watch your kids rolling around on their Heely’s sneakers and secretly think… why can’t that be me? This is what I thought when recently viewing the brand new Nanoâ„¢ inline footboard (a one-of-a-kind item that connects seamlessly to Heelys skate shoes and creates a “skateboard like” effect when you roll). Instead of mastering an actual skateboard (something that in my case would result in many injuries), the Nano lets you “freeboard”: a brand new sport that involves coasting on one foot.

Even if you’re a busy, non-coordinated mom such as myself, the Nano would improve your balance, tone your legs and give you a cardio workout without even realizing it. Remember when everyone used to go roller blading for exercise? In my dreams, I’d be that cool mom riding my Nano around in the summertime to burn some calories. (But until then, I know my pre-teen and teenage nieces and nephews will be all over this!)

Top Products of the Week

If you don’t have the cash for injections, fillers or pricey procedures (or if you think they’re kind of creepy like I do), that these products are your new BFF. They help prevent the signs of aging and attempt to turn back the clock, giving amazing results from the comforts of your own bathroom. Now if you can just avoid the Terrible Twos and teenage years, you might make it out wrinkle free!

*Avon ANEW Clinical Lift & Firm Pro: This product says it all in the delightfully descriptive title. Who doesn’t want to lift and firm their face? (Heck, my butt could use a good dose of this too! It uses “injectable grade” ingredients to give you a “liquid face lift” (the product description was so fabulous it gave me hot flashes). Apply it to your cleansed face at night and let it’s super-serum magic work!

* CellCeuticals PhytoDefense SPF 55+ and Extreme Defense Skin Treatment: Both of these products were so amazing, I couldn’t pick just one to review. If you take your beauty seriously, these are heavy duty items that pack a big ingredient punch for their price. The PhytoDefense sunscreen has a high SPF level to protect your skin, but is paraben and fragrance free. Meanwhile, the Extreme Defense Anti-Cell Damage Skin Treatment helps reverse previous sun damage with antioxidants that diminish fine lines, firm the skin and stop future damage.

* Speak Up: What is YOUR favorite product to help you feel glamorous before a big event?

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