Make Exotic Bubble Tea From The Comfort Of Your Home: Sunday Snack Time With Johanna


I just had an amazing weekend in one of my favorite places: New York City. NYC and its outlining areas are not only known for fashion and culture, but an amazing variety of food, from every corner of the world. So it was the perfect time to try  a drink that I have been wanting to try for a long time…bubble tea!  What is bubble tea? It’s also known as boba tea (and it’s not really tea with bubbles…it’s actually filled with balls!) Balls, you say? I know this sounds even more nuts. But trust me, the little balls are yummy, tapioca pearls. The tapioca is from the root of the cassava plant. They seem to take on the flavor of the type of drink you have them in (and are surprisingly delicious).

There are tons of types of bubble tea (like green, almond, coconut, taro, lychee, milk tea, and cherry… to name just a few). This drink originated in Taiwan back in the 1980’s, but I had my bubble tea at Satay Malaysian restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey (it was one store over from Cake Boss so we had a great view!)

Making bubble tea is actually easy… but how do you get those tapioca balls? You can easily purchase them at a local Asian grocer (or online.) You could probably make them at home, but what momma has the time for that?

Bubble Tea

* 1/2 cup of chilled tapioca pearls ( follow directions on the package)

* Chilled green tea ( I prefer Yogi Tea)

* Organic white sugar

* Organic honey to taste

* Optional: organic milk


Add the tapioca pearls to clean and empty glass, and then add the tea (and sweeteners to taste). Use an extra thick straw (or a spoon) to drink the bubble tea. Perfect for a hot a day, a festive event or getting your kids to try new things!

* Admit It: Have you ever had bubble tea before? What did you think?

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