Make Everyone Happy By Cooking With Lays: Monday Mealtime Makeover

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How often do you cook with your family? I was so excited to be able to join with Lay’s to create a family friendly recipe that makes my kids happy, inspired by Lay’s Happiness Exhibit. As many of you have seen in recent months, I have fallen in love with cooking with my kids (well, my 4 year old anyways…the baby isn’t much help in the kitchen!)

Cooking with my family gives us time to talk, to discuss healthy foods and heck, it even helps momma burn a few extra calories! I created this Cheesy Potato Chip Chicken Nugget recipe because it’s a fun way to get your family to eat their veggies (broccoli), a healthy amount of protein (lean chicken), and all the while playing around with their favorite food of all: potato chips! Plus, it’s gluten free and relatively low in calories!

Using potato chips in a recipe can be surprisingly healthy, especially when paired with tasty, nutritious ingredients. You can vary this recipe by using tofu, low-calorie string cheese, crab or tuna instead of chicken, different kinds of healthy cheese or veggies (try using Garlic & Herb Laughing Cow cheese with chopped sun-dried tomato), and even Baked Lay’s potato chips instead of Classic (or try the other exotic flavors, like Garden Tomato & Bazil or Balsamic Sweet Onion). No matter how you cook it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the question below….

* Why does being in the kitchen with your family make you happy?

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2 comments on “Make Everyone Happy By Cooking With Lays: Monday Mealtime Makeover
  1. Being in the kitchen with my family makes me happy because my little guy (who just turned 3) loves to help me cook. He gets so excited about getting the ingredients and cooking together. And of course, daddy, is always excited to see what we made. 🙂

  2. Aw, that’s the cutest. I love it too! I feel like I’m always saying “don’t touch this”…”don’t touch that” in our day to day life- it’s nice to let them just pitch in

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