Make Bactine Your Number One Beauty Product (& Other Makeup Tricks You Won’t Believe)


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* Use Bactine To Cut Your Foundation In 1/2: You might not know it, but Bactine is your new best friend. I am an enormous fan of mineral foundation, but was getting lots of breakouts and irritated skin no matter how often I cleaned my brush. I realized that if I put less foundation in the lid of the makeup container but sprayed my brush with Bactine, it creates a more creamy, spreadable foundation that brushes on just as easily but takes far less product to invoke the same amount of coverage. Now I literally can use mineral foundation for double the amount of time before needing to buy new, and my skin has completely cleared up from this bacteria-killing mix. It sounds bizarre… but it works! Spray a little bit on your back and chest too when you’re done to prevent body irritations in the summer, or apply a small amount to common breakout areas after cleansing and before applying lotion both morning and night.

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* Use Baby Powder To Create Thicker Eyelashes: I’m a mascara slut and I’m not afraid to say it. I bounce between brands and products and layer them in a parallel fashion to Taylor Swift’s dating life. I typically use at least 2 – 3 brands of mascara per application (yes, really), which makes me sound crazy- but it’s really a lot faster and more effective than you’d think [comment if you’d like to see a post about that process in of itself]. Regardless, a great shortcut to getting a false eyelash effect is by keeping a small dose of baby powder and a Q-tip nearing by whilst applying mascara. Dab a bit of the powder on your lashes after each fresh coat of mascara, so you can layer the thickness and length of your fringe without needing multiple brands or fancy formulas.

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* Use Brown Sugar To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat: I saw this on Pinterest (even if I hate to admit it), and thought: “no way”. Yes, I have very profound thoughts, I know. I decided to try it after washing my hair and the results are clear from above. I washed my hair like normal, and then sprayed with a squirt bottle of water and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar when it was still damp. After air drying, I admit it looked about as wavy and funky and confused as usual. However, after sleeping on it, I woke up to noticeably smoother and more tamed hair. Did it straighten it silky smooth like a flat iron would or like Pinner photos would suggest? Not at all. But did it cut the wave at least by 50%? Yes. And oddly, it feels as soft as ever (no grainy aftermath or weird sand texture like my imaginative brain would suggest).


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