Make A Sassy Low-Back Shirt From Your Gross Oversized Tee


The Topic: I am not a crafter. I’m actually kind of phobic of crafting. I looked up the name for this to see if it had a decent label -like Anatidaephobia or Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (research and thank me later)- but no dice. Instead I found a guy who lives in Michigan with psychiatric anxiety any time he’s near a Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics, and then me… who simply has no craftsmanship. Personally, I hold my mother to blame, who created more Blossom-inspired hats in the 90’s and Laura Ashley rip-off dresses and hand-stitched tu-tus for ballet companies growing up, and thus, I can’t even sew a pointe shoe. (Yep, that’s my reasoning and I’m sticking with it).



DIY For The Anti-Crafter: I have a plethora of old, oversized T-shirts hanging around that I never wear and would have to gain 60 pounds (or finally grow some boobs) to look decent in. Have old funky shirts too? Try this…

* Take a pencil and a ruler (or in my case, a book) and trace a long rectangle shape along the back of the shirt, keeping it on a smooth, flat surface.

* Snip out the large piece of fabric and set it aside (but don’t throw it away). Take the two open strips of fabric at the bottom and knot them together to create a new closure.

* Cut a small hole on one side of the shirt, near the middle. Take the chunk of fabric you’d set aside, and squeeze one end through this hole, knotting it to secure (I double-knotted).

* Cut the stray piece of fabric in to three strips (without separating them completely), and braid them. Stick the other end through another hole to create a braid of fabric going straight across. Make sure both ends are knotted and secured. Trim the ends of fabric or shorten the braid until it’s a good length.

Don’t-It-Yourself: Let’s be honest. If I had $14 extra, I’d buy one of these instead (click to check them out)… Yep, all under $14!

Want to spread the crafty love? Share this DIY shirt design on Pinterest and I’ll blow you air kisses from my living room.

Let Me Know: How do you make old clothes feel like new?

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