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  We at Makeover Momma admit that we are cheating: the beautiful actress Christina Hendricks of Mad Men (shown above) is not a mother yet (although soon to be married)…but her shapely body looks more like a woman’s than anyone else in Hollywood. After stunning the crowd in her red dress at the SAG awards for 2009, we are completely hooked on her body confidence and graceful beauty…stay proud Christina!

Flatter Your Curvy Body In Formal Wear

1. Skip The Lines: Perhaps the most important part of any formal ensemble is wearing the proper undergarments underneath. Take the time to wear a low-budget undergarment (like those found at Target) to help you skip the panty lines and smooth any lumps or bumps.

2. Keep Them Supported: If your are a busty or curvy lady, try making sure that you are properly supported in a strapless bra or corseted undergarment before leaving the house. Keep those suckers lifted!

3. Accentuate The Waist: It goes without saying that almost every curvy women should accentuate her smallest regions (her waist and decolletage), or risk looking pregnant all over again. Try choosing a dress that glides over your curves, without broadcasting too many details.

4. Stay Classic:We love that Christina is not afraid to show her body (instead of hiding away in empire waist gowns or wraps), and embrace bright, bold colors (red on a redhead? So daring!) Try to embrace your own inner confidence and femininity, by choosing a dress in a singular dynamite color.

* How do you embrace your motherly curves in a formal dress? Please share your tips, advice or opinions!

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