Low Maintenance Beauty Can Be High Maintenance Beautiful

Natural moms Halle Berry and Heidi Klum looks gorgeous on the go…

* Beauty Review Fest of the Week:

Beauty laziness is a serious condition that effects 1 in 3 women. Even though this epidemic is ripping through our nation, it probably goes without saying that nearly everyone effected has something in common: we’re mothers. Of course there are plenty of moms who don’t have trouble finding time for themselves (possibly the same few who don’t understand my sarcasm), but most of us have zero minutes or means to call our own. Personally, the slow decline of my personal appearance was like one of those risk factor tests in magazines: deteriorating with every additional child and personal stressor. I can’t speak for other women, but in my world: there is no escape to the salon, spa or store. I am a full-time, all-the-time mother, and if I’m not devoting myself to my kids (or critiquing the choreography on The Wiggles), I’m using that precious time to get one of my many jobs accomplished or worrying about paying the bills.

So how do we nanny-free, sans-sitter, 24-7 moms find time for ourselves, when there literally is no chance to visit a stylist or professional? Read on…

* If You Don’t Have A Professional Makeup Artist: Avon SuperSHOCK Max Mascara

Anything that costs $5 (on sale) should not be this good. I love Avon for their affordable prices, amazingly sweet spokeswomen (Reese and I are totally BFF) and seriously effective products. But if there is anything I love more on earth, it’s mascara. I’m a mascara addict. I could own 80 mascaras and still want to try the latest formula on the market (yes, it’s a sickness). Thankfully, the brand new SuperSHOCK product does not disappoint. It has a super thick brush which leads to high volume eyelashes, and a glossy consistency that gives bold, inky color. In my opinion, mascara is best with attitude- who needs light and natural? I want dramatic, ridiculously long eyelashes that are as close as I can get to falsies. This formula not only gets the job done, but mixes well with other products so you can work your mascara McGyver magic.

* If You Don’t Have A Fancy Hair Stylist: Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment

Have you ever heard of keratin treatments: designed to smooth and silkify the most finicky of hair textures? Even though my friend A Mom In Red High Heels is the expert in smoothing hair treatments, I’ve always wanted to try this process to help control my crazy, wavy hair. Unfortunately, there is just no way I can find multiple hours to sit in a salon (not to mention the cost of most of these services). This is why the concept behind Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy treatment is so perfect: it can be done at home, on your own and is completely all natural. I’ve always loved this brand because it has zero toxic chemicals, smells absolutely delicious and can be found at any of my local discount stores for super cheap. Of course doing this treatment properly takes some time (involving a few product applications, blow drying and flat ironing your ends), but results lasts for a month. This means that you’ll take less time getting ready in the morning (or just look better naturally without lifting a finger)… totally worth it, right?

* Sound Off: Which of these products do YOU want to try?

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  1. krystyn says:

    I would love to try either product, im really love avon products but have yet to try this mascara. You always have the best and newest products…

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