Lose Weight With Liquids — New Momma No Brainer

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Newly dancing mother-of-two Denise Richards fuels up with water.

Eating healthy and exercising frequently may seem like a no brainer when maintaining your weight as a new mom, but it can be easy to pack on pounds from a sneaky calorie source… liquids. Although the things you drink may seem harmless (especially when it’s a sip of your kid’s soda here, or a jug of tea there), learning what to chug can help improve your health in the long run.

Go Clear or Go Home: Just as Makeover Momma suggested remembering when choosing salad dressings, soups or entree sauces, try to go for naturally clear liquids whenever possible (and no, Sprite doesn’t count). This means picking water first, sparkling or flavored waters second, and natural, light teas last.

Watch What You Add: It’s not always the drink that’s bad, but what you put into the drink that helps expand our waistlines. If you simply love drinking tea (hot or cold) or coffee, don’t despair! Simply add things like skim milk or soymilk, calorie free sweeteners, or sugar-free syrups (and skip the sugars, whip cream and toppings all together).

Get Juiced: Although it may seem like “100% fruit juices” are healthy options for you or your kids, they are more than likely filled with sugar (and calories). Try having a real piece of fruit whenever needing a juicy fix, or mix a small amount of your favorite juice with sparkling no-calorie water.

Be Smart: If you get confused by all of the latest berry juices and super-powered drinks, remember that the more natural the product…the better. Try something simple like green tea, pomegranate juice, or acai berry juice (who Acai Berry Info founder totes as, “increasing energy, raising your metabolic rate, lowering your cholesterol, and providing age-reversing antioxidants.”) Remember that moderation is key, so always stick to serving size amounts.

* Speak Up: Do you pay attention to the liquids you drink, or do you have a special trick to share with other mommas? Let us know!

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