Lose Weight By Acting Like A Kid

Alessandra Ambrosio and Heidi Klum try all kinds of fitness. Do you?

Do you ever want to try a new and exciting product, but you just can’t spare the time to leave the house? Well, there’s a new website for ladies just like us (you know, the “no-time-to-leave-the-house-ever” kind of mommas). They have everything from cooking utensils, to platform bed, to kids toys….It’s called CSNstores.com and it will become your newest best browsing friend (your NBBF). It’s so easy to use (even if you’re not tech-savvy) and it lets you choose whatever your heart desires (without leaving your computer chair or couch).

Best of all, you can even lose weight by shopping on CSN Stores, because they have tons of easy to use (and surprisingly affordable) workout gear. Our personal favorites are the anti-workout gear (equipment that lets you have fun without stressing over exercise), and after feeling how tired I was after a recent romp on my niece’s trampoline…. I had bouncers on the brain.

The Products We Want The Most:

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* Crescendo Fitness Mini Trampoline

How could losing weight really be any easier than acting like a complete child? It’s high time mothers get to act like children too, and losing weight at the same time is just the perfect bonus! Jumping on this trampoline not only works out your thighs and calves, but it also forces you to hold in your core muscles to maintain balance. Plus, it’s just fun (you honestly won’t feel like you’re working out).

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* Pure Fun Mini Trampoline

Not everyone has the coordination to jump on a trampoline and not fall right off…which is where this model comes in! It features all the perks of the other trampoline, but it comes with a safety clause: a hand bar! This bar actually allows you to work out other muscles without the fear that you’ll trampoline yourself right on your butt.

* Speak Up: What is the most fun you’ve ever had during a workout?

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