Lose Inches In Only 15 Minutes A Day (Yep, It’s True)

Slim and trim moms Penelope Cruz and Reese Witherspoon work hard to stay fit…

* Fitness Review Fest of the Week:

Getting long and lean muscles doesn’t require hours in the gym, hundreds of dollars with a personal trainer or intense training for years. Instead, see how I elongated my waist-line with this simple workout (plus, win a 7 Day Vacation to celebrate your results!)

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Fitness Update: T-Tapp Workout

So if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking: what the heck is T-Tapp? I first heard about the T-Tapp workout a few weeks ago from a close friend (and fellow fibromyalgia sufferer) Karen from Faith, Family & Fibromyalgia. It was originally designed for anyone suffering from auto-immune disease, chronic pain or in need of physical therapy (unfortunately, that translates into peeps like me), but has now become a cult favorite amongst anyone trying to lose weight. The key to T-Tapp is its lengthening, elongating effect on the muscles, leaving most participants with enormous reductions in measurements (no matter what the scale says).

In my efforts to try T-Tapp for the next 30 days, I’ll be reporting my results both at 2 weeks in (that would be today) and the end of the month. I have to admit that at first the system feels a little peculiar compared to more prototypical workout programs. After a few tries, I began to ease into the fast paced, precise movements designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and motivate the immune system (much like Yoga with it’s twisting and focus on proper alignment). Despite the Yogi benefits, these exercises are completely different because they focus on pelvic tucks, and are done standing (without any added pressure on the joints). To avoid cross training in the wrong manner, I’ve done nothing except 15 minutes of T-Tapp per day (aside from some moderate walking, teaching dance and one random Zumba class). Check out the current results…

* Check In Point: 1/2 way through (30 days with T-Tapp)

* Time Devoted: 15 minutes per day

* Total Inches Lost: 1/2 inch from my waist already!

* Speak Up: What do you think of the T-Tapp results? Would you ever want to try it?

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11 comments on “Lose Inches In Only 15 Minutes A Day (Yep, It’s True)
  1. daisy says:

    I love T-Tapp! It is like no other program I have tried! I started it 7-8 month ago and have found amazing benefits do far! I was struggling with a lot of things in my daily life, my stress level was sky up, my energy was non-existing actually, my hormones were almost out of control. And I was absolutely out of shape.
    I saw an improvement in every area I mentioned – I’ve lost 35 inches so far and continue counting. But maybe the most important thing is that now I control my life, not vice versa! The most surprising thing though, was that I learned to be consistent! I didn’t believe it was possible. But with T-Tapp I did it! I devote between 15 and 40 minutes 3-5 times a week, usually in the morning. It helps me organize my day better and energize me.
    Still I have a way to go, but I know the path already. I recommend the program from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Trisch says:

    I’m glad you found T-Tapp! I found it 4 years ago and it worked when *nothing* else did! I’ve lost 8 sizes in those 4 years and gained a lot of health benefits.

    As a busy homeschooling mama of 9 children, ages 4 to 24, it’s been the best workout for me–I mostly do 20 minutes or less when I do work out!

    Excited for your success and I’ll be checking back in to see how you are doing!



  3. Thanks SO much Daisy! Hearing your experience is so encouraging to me- now I feel more motivated than ever : )

  4. cbuffy says:

    I have been doing T-Tapp for nearly 2 years now. For me the best thing was getting control of my hypothyroidism! My doctor lowered my synthroid twice in a 6 week period after I started tapping. I’m maintaining now on a much lower dosage. My periods are so much more manageable, and I fit in my clothes! (I’m a size 6)
    Not bad for 15 minutes every day and now every other day. (Eventually you get to drop from every day to every other day – that’s all you need to maintain the fabulous results!)

  5. I’m a homeschooling mom of 2… I can’t even imagine of 9! You go girl : ) Thanks so much for the support- so glad to have befriended all of you!

  6. Kayla Howard says:

    I’m a mommy of three and have been maintaining a 4/6 for 5 years with T-Tapp! It’s all I do–nothing like it!

  7. Tracy says:

    I’ve been T-Tapping for a year now. I started it initially in addition to a rigorous exercise schedule of up to 2 hours daily to maintain a 100lb weight loss. After learning T-Tapp, I ditched everything else but my treadmill because I’m maintaining my weight loss, gaining muscle mass where I never had it and always wanted it, and losing cellulite I’ve had since I was in my teens! This is the best I’ve ever felt and looked!

  8. daisy says:

    Bailey, I am happy I could motivate you even more! Believe me, you will love the program forever;) After the first month you’ll not want to stop at all:) Let us know how you are doing and do come to check T-Tapp forums, support which you find there is like nowhere else.

  9. Jennifer J. says:

    I love T-Tapp because it healed my body of years and years of chronic neck and back pain that plagued me despite much exercise and healthy eating. It was a miracle for me!

  10. Jill says:

    Congratulations! I have been T-Tapping since 2001 and will continue throughout my life! T-Tapp is not only about inch loss. It’s also about staying healthy! You can’t beat the health benefits you get from T-Tapp!

  11. Hector says:

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    be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later. All the best

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