Look Great In Your Swimsuit Like Jennifer Hudson and Alessandra Ambrosio: Fitness Look of the Week

We love moms of every shape and size (especially when they love themselves), and are amazed at how many ladies love to exercise in their swimsuits! Although we prefer sweats and a sports bra, finding time to stay physically active (even if it’s on a mid-winter vacation or while spending time with your loved ones) is a wonderful habit. Exercise is supposed to be fun, so it’s important to keep it as such (or risk burning out or getting bored all together).

If you are going to get fit in your bikini, try making sure you’re body appropriate (you don’t want to scare your children with too much information) and well supported. However, if sweating in your swimsuit is only going to make you feel self conscious (and therefor achieve less of a workout because you’re holding back), skip this trend all together.

* Answer This: Would you ever exercise in your swimsuit?

Get fit in plus size swimwear and feel fabulous!

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