Long Lasting Makeup — Beauty Momma Question

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Reader Question: Ever wish you could look like celebrity mother Naomi Watts while strolling the beach after a swim (without the help of sunglasses)? Willow, a Makeover Momma, hates reapplying makeup every time she steps out of the pool, even though she swims frequently with her toddler.

“I’d like to have a face on that isn’t going anywhere. I know waterproof mascara exists, but some sticks better than others…which is best? And what about foundation, cheeks, eyecolor, or eyeliner?”

Makeover Momma Answer: If you are a mother who swims with her toddler or simply wants makeup to stay put during work, try the following products for a stay put, simple face…

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One comment on “Long Lasting Makeup — Beauty Momma Question
  1. Willow says:

    SWEET! Thanx for the answer AND the rescue! Now I don’t have to sneak off, hide, and, at lightening speed, do a touch up/repair before hearing my MIL say “Are you putting on MORE make-up… AGAIN?!” LOL
    Just awesome!

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