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Craving clear skin (like Elle Macpherson and Victoria Beckham) Check this out…

Always wanted to go inside a media event, but never have the invite? In this “episode” of Event Diary, our fabulous contributor Cara scooped up the best scoop on shoes, skin and more (you don’t want to miss it):

On Tuesday June 29th Kitty Bradshaw.com celebrated its 2-year Blogiversary! She hosted a Bloggers Networking party for lovers of NY fashion, trends, food and communication.  Writers chatted and exchanged blogging tips while enjoying complimentary manicures and hors d’oeuvres. Want to check out the amazing brands there? Keep reading…

* Nina Shoes exhibited some of their best sellers and new heels (even a pair that lights up!) This brand is not only beautiful and innovative, but can you create your own line of shoes by logging into the Design Your Own Shoe section (how cool is that?) Need a little “shoe lust” in your life? Sit back, observe and drool….

* My Skin.com: Have you ever been overwhelmed by the endless array of skincare products that bombard you in pharmacies, department stores, and even in advertisements on TV? Which is best for your skin and will alleviate your skin woes? Fortunately for you, MySkin.com has the fix, by compiling years of experience from skin specialists and studies to create individualized, unbiased skin recommendations based on your “Skin Profile”.  Your Skin Profile is composed of parameters including genetics, age, ethnicity, skin tone, and lifestyle organized by an advanced scientific algorithm. (What does that mean? It’s like a dermatologist built into your computer).

Seem too good to be true?  It isn’t!  I set up an account right there in under 10 minutes. The process was simple and asked straightforward questions regarding your skin characteristics, woes and what products you use.  Then the JLM Engine provided free product recommendations.  I found a list of the best products for my skin organized by category (cleanser, toner, treatment, and more.). The website also allows you to create daily journal entries in order keep track of what products you are using, how your skin is feeling and the weather that day (could it be any better?)

* Smartbox: Need to find the perfect gift for your best friend, parent, or spouse (but don’t want to give an ordinary gift card?) Enter the Smartbox: the gift of a lifetime. Smartbox is a gift card that opens the doors to a variety of themed excursions and adventures.  Themes include Serenity (facials, pedicures, body scrubs or massages), Adventure (paintballing, scuba diving, cave tour, in door rock climbing), Adrenaline (Hang gliding, whitewater rafting, ballooning, skydiving), Get Away (visit historic homes, farms, bed and breakfasts), Discovery (explore California, the Great Lakes, Southeast), and Gourmet Retreats (stay at luxury hotels and resorts). The gift boxes are organized by region (so you can find the right location for you) and price (ranging from $49.99-$369.00).

It is so easy: All you have to do is choose one of the activities in the guidebook, reserve your appointment (and let the provider know you have a Smartbox gift card), and enjoy your activity! This is the perfect way to surprise a loved one with an opportunity they’ve always wanted!

* Speak Up: Which website are you the most excited to check out?

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