Lighten Up Your Home With These Low Key Design Tips

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The Inspiration: Decor is not my thing. Even in a new place with which I am madly in love… it’s just too many details. Cleaning? Yes, I like a clean house. Organizing? Sure, I can go overboard with a labeler. But decorating in general? Not my greatest talent. Yet, in living with someone who is thoughtful about presentation, I have learned a few new tricks…

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* Think Outside The Shelf: Don’t be afraid to branch out from your traditional shelf or wall hanging when it comes to decor. Try stacking books on top of shelves or to the side, or simply lean a coffee book in a thoughtful place. Little touches, if done with care, look intentional instead of messy… and that’s something I rarely am.

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* Get Your Art On: I’m no artist. Although most of my creativity is funneled through choreography and writing novels, it occasionally outpours in the form of tepidly satiating art mishaps. Whether it’s your own scribblings or that of your child, hanging something personal in your home can add an element of artistry that one never anticipated (yes, even if it’s somewhat bad).

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* Don’t Be Straight: Ok, I’m not recommending we all be Neil Patrick Harris (wait, yes..yes, I am…as the world would surely be a better place), but stop thinking so angular. Catty corner touches- even a dining room table- can do wonders for opening up a space and keeping things interesting.

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* Get Lazy…er: Most people start in the kitchen and end in the kitchen. It’s where we have most of our meals, important conversations, and so forth. If you’re looking for new sink accoutrement, try something completely different (like new designs from Kohler faucets in an unexpected color). Or be completely different and use a sink never intended for a kitchen… our sink is meant for a laundry room!

Sound Off:What is your favorite low key design tip?

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