Lighten Up This Spring With A Head-To-Toe Makeover!

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What It IS: I’m on a roll, my friends. I’ve spoiled you with the “Become Your Own Makeover Momma” and Spring Makeover giveaway experiences, and this month we’re coming back for more. As warm weather fast approaches, what’s the best way to makeover your life? Lighten up!

What You Get: Win a complete head-to-toe lifestyle makeover with the #LightenUp makeover giveaway! One lucky girl gets ALL of the products below- allowing you to organize, simplify and streamline in no time. (Don’t miss tomorrow’s Twitter and Facebook party post for more chances to win!)

The Goods: The Experts Behind Your Makeover Experience

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* The Body Makeover:

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Medrise for all of my pulmonary needs. Maybe the fact that I even have pulmonary needs might have alluded some of you (see my health confession post for more sordid details), but I am on enough steroids, inhalations, treatments and drugs to make Judy Garland look like Pope Francis. Maybe this is why I’m so extra excited about their latest project: It has all kinds of therapeutic tools and tricks to ease achy muscles, help you lose weight and generally make any sore, tired momma feel good. Best of all, they are spoiling our lucky winner with an exercise band and exercise ball to increase your workout options, while helping you “roll your way” to healthier muscles.

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* The Organization Makeover: Lively Happenings

Tamara from Lively Happenings is that girl you always want to be: she’s super beautiful, she’s super fit, and she’s also weird levels of nice (which makes it so you can’t hate her either). But if you can’t be her, you can totally take advantage of her brilliant ideas for streamlining your life. Her company Lively Hapenings has brilliantly hand-crafted ways to re-organze your life, your jewlery and your workouts. Whether her super snazzy, sparkly fitness headbands (who ever thought “snazzy” or “sparkly” could refer to working out?) or her hand-made jewelry organizers, everything she creates is recycle, refurbished and re-designed for you. Does it get any better?

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* The Reading Material Makeover: Zinio

There is nothing I love more than curling up with a girly magazine in a bubble bath… or while waiting in the carpool line… or while doing my taxes. So who doesn’t want a 1 year subscription to some of the best? Our lucky winner gets to pick one of her favorite mags to spoil herself all year (and our online Twitter & Facebook party winners get equally spoiled too!) Although there are thousands of magazines to choose from, I’d personally go for Allure or Glamour to balance out my daily Tolstoy (who are we kidding, it’s to balance out my daily Daily Show). All of this is brought to you by Zinio who lets you browse and purchase single issues of your favorite magazines completely online- so you’re helping the environment and delving in to Cosmo. Plus, you can save an extra 50% on over a hundred differing titles in celebration of Earth Day (less paper = better earth) before April 30’th. It’s a win win, really.

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* The Eco-Friendly Beauty Makeover: JĀSÖN®

Nothing says “lightening up” more than ditching harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients from your daily beauty routine. This is why JĀSÖN® (emphasis on the cool linguistic accents) is not only ideal for our winner, but ideal for nearly everyone. They have beautiful ingredients that sound decadent in of themselves- chamomile, lavender, rosewater, or mango, for starters- but help create nourished, healthy skin for your entire family. That’s right- share those products, because they’re perfectly safe for baby…or toddler…or annoying teenager who won’t stop changing the channel on Spotify. Either way, one lucky lady gets a few surprise products to lighten up her shower, so she can bathe away the chemical-laden guilt of her past (Al Gore would be so proud).

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The Final Results: What You Do

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* Comment: Why do you need to lighten up this spring?

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Stay Tuned Tomorrow For Details On The #LightenUp Parties And More Chances To Win Some of These Products!

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17 comments on “Lighten Up This Spring With A Head-To-Toe Makeover!
  1. Kathleen Marler says:

    I’d love to ‘lighten up’ my brain-load…detox my brain…Jason Products take me away and renew me!!

  2. Kitty says:

    Spring is the perfect time to “lighten up” and try fresh and healthy products. In the winter, I always get loaded down with all of my work, responsibilities, and weather complaints; but spring is bright and vibrant and wonderfully refreshing. I need to lighten up my responsibility load, and take some time for myself. 🙂

  3. Keziah Gibbons says:

    I need to lighten up my load this Spring because after working so hard in school, I need to unwind and give my mind a break from studying, my body a break from snacking, and soul a break period! Spring is a time to refresh and prepare for new endeavors that are to come so my mind, body, and soul will be open to receive it. I am so ready for a change!

  4. Sheryl E says:

    I need to lighten up this Spring because I have had too much sadness the last few years. Time for some happiness!

  5. carol n says:

    I just want to make my look lighter, more springy. So tired of the cold weather, sweaters and coats. Look forward to pastel colors and flip flops

  6. mary kramer says:

    would love to lighten up .

  7. nikki` says:

    I need to lighten up becuse it was a long winter, and I’m need of some light in my life right about now!

  8. Jamie says:

    I need to get lightened up because I need to get springerized

  9. Kristen says:

    I’ve only lost 40 of the 70 pounds I gained..not used to being this big, lol! I know having this extra weight is also making my joints and feet hurt more than necessary. It would be so nice to put on a bathing suit with my little girl this summer and not feel so self-conscious!

  10. Stephanie Bodine says:

    I need to lighten up as I had a baby back in October and need to lose weight really bad! I have real bad back pain lately and it would be great to feel great again.

  11. Carol Yemola says:

    I need to lighten up for vacation!

  12. San D says:

    I need to lighten up as it’s been a miserable start to the new year…we lost my sister in law ina freak accident and then I lost my job. Uggg! Hope summer has a lot of lightness and fun in store for us.

    Sa (Twitter follower @SS_Dal)

  13. I need to get healthier as I’ve been sick the last two weeks.

  14. Crissy D. says:

    I need to lighten up so I will have energy to keep up with all the activities the kids want to do this Spring/Summer and I want to feel better and sexier

  15. Betsy Barnes says:

    I need to lighten up this spring because we’ve had an extremely long winter 🙂

  16. Aliah says:

    I definitely needed to lighten up this Spring and live more in the moment. Work more efficiently, spend more time with those that matter most, and work on projects that I would love to complete before the Summer!

  17. sara says:

    I would love to lighten up everything in my life. 5 kids, one with a serious illness, my mind is spinning each day.

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