Let’s Talk Guac (And Other Lazy Lady Cooking Techniques)


The Theme: Guacamole!

How do you combine my instinctive love of food, inherent laziness and innate desire to be healthier? Read below for slacker slants on cooking tasty things (drooling fully permitted)…


Grilled Cheese Guacamole

Originally from Two Peas & Their Pod, this recipe looks like my dream come true (even if I’ve always dipped my grilled cheese ketchup… just me?)

Lazy Way: Toast gluten-free bread (extra lazy points if it’s the kind from the freezer section) and top with slices of sharp Vermont cheddar cheese, thin slices of fresh avocado, and tomato. If you are feeling super-hero levels of slovenly, than spread pre-made guacamole (like the 100 Calorie pack variety), brie cheese (Alouette is gentille enough), and a dallop of salsa…no cutting required!


Guacamole Tuna Salad

I am crushing on tuna lately (yes, in that creepy ‘through the window’ Crash Into Me stalker kind of way). Maybe it’s because both gluten and shell-fish are off the table for me- unless that table involves a defibrillator and an Epi-pen- so I feel like my diet is lacking in that magic “something” [cough….more chocolate…cough]. Regardless, this looks tasty thanks to Bev Cooks!

Lazy Way: Take one package of tuna in water (make sure it’s drained, because that’s just nasty), mash it up with one soft avocado, and add chopped celery, straight-from-the-pack sundried tomatoes, some edamame beans (frozen, “lazy girl” Dora The Explorer kind is fine), and a few flaxseeds if you’re feeling frisky.


Guacamole With Pomegranate And Grape

My niece Sav found this little Pinterest gem from Minimally Invasive (cred + due = finished), and it looks fantastic minus that super-gluteny Triscuit. Make sure to follow me on Pinterest too though. I claim seniority!

Lazy Way: Buy some cheap and easy guac (or make yourself if you feel like being a showboat), and add pre-package pomegranate seeds (which are like dessert in a box, I might add), avec chopped red grapes and chopped apple slices. Trust me.

Let Me Know: Which of these do YOU want to make?

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