Let’s Do A Throwback: Trendy Tuesdays With Kassandra


You too can look this adorable in a T (like Alessandra Ambrosio and Halle Berry)

The Trend: T-shirts!

No wardrobe is complete without a simple, clean, well-fitted T-shirt. And I mean nothing. T-shirts are the basic building blocks of every woman. What better piece of clothing to throw on when you’re feeling bloated and tired than an old T-shirt? There are countless amounts of outfits that can result from properly utilizing the power of a T-shirt. Just think of James Dean and the classic white tee (plus, of course, the wonderfully bad boy leather jacket, fitted blue jeans, and a pair of Chucks). But let’s focus on the tees for now…

No one says you have to spend a ton of money for a great T-shirt. Forever21 is the economical shopper’s best friend. I have several of their tees in various colors and I’ve only spent a grand total of $30 for all of them! Each t-shirt is only $3.50. (Yes, you read that right). Less than four bucks for a great fitting t-shirt! (No, this is not a scam!) The T-shirts fit true to size as well and don’t shrink! Because we all know that nothing else ruins a day like a garment not fitting like it used to… But anyway, check out these shirts for a great fit and happy wallet!

So for you ladies who are willing to splurge, I’ve picked the best T-shirt I have had the pleasure of owning. This shirt is made by James Perse, who (in my opinion) somehow combines the best of cotton and thread to a lightweight, sustainable, beautiful t-shirt. Yes, it’s also $45 at Nordstrom, but completely worth it if you want a reliable t-shirt. Did I mention the cute little pocket on the shirt too? It’s adorable. And let me tell you: t-shirt, jeans, Chucks, and a worn leather jacket is a staple outfit for a reason.

* Trend Sound Off: Who makes your favorite tee?

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