Let This Be The Soundtrack To Your Life This Weekend


Songs Even A Deaf Girl Wants You To Download*:

 photo 1-15_zps1f10ad2f.jpg

 photo 2-5_zps9a73c99b.jpg

 photo 3_zps6819cb99.jpg

 photo 4_zps91159bae.jpg

* Need some well earned escapism from your mid-week slump? I have been saving up songs for awhile now, so it’s time to unleash them all in full pictorial glory. See imagery above, google the heck out of it, and report back!

Requisite Wedding Dress To Drool Over (Because Does This Ever Get Old?)

Art Candy To Satiate Your Soul: Arguably the best feeling ever, right?

Where You Should Go In Your Head Right Now: Who wants to fund a trip to New Zealand?

Do you have art, music, movies or anything to add to the list this week? Leave a suggestion or Pin me!

* I try my best to link all songs to videos featuring lyrics only for fellow deafies. It’s helpful and all kinds of awesome (you’re welcome!)

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