Kick Your Metabolism Into High Gear With Makeover Momma Shape Up Week 2

* Makeover Momma Shape Up: Week 2

Are you ready to jump in to another week of the Makeover Momma Shape Up? As the challenge is just kicking off, our goals are still really simple: eat frequent, mini meals throughout the day to keep our metabolism raised, and exercise for 10 intense minutes 5 days a week. And if that doesn’t sound like enough to you, just keep reading to see why consistency and patience are what mean the most…

* Nutrition Plan: Since we’re throwing away the word “diet” from our repertoire, we’re modeling frequent, healthy eating after the Slim Fast 321 Plan. The reason I chose this plan was because it let’s moms eat six times a day without having to worry about cooking, counting calories or complicated regimens. However, it’s important that you create a plan that works with your tastes, habits and preferences, or you’ll never be able to maintain for a lifetime (so tweak this as needed). It’s also crucial that you remember to take a day off for balanced, “happy eating”. That means if you want an ice cream sundae on Sunday… have it. But enjoy it, be happy, and then move on (don’t make yourself miserable, beat yourself up over it, and then “give in” and eat another pint later).

* Fitness Plan: How can 10 minutes of exercise really be enough? Think of it this way: those 10 minutes are your time to really break a sweat and truly spike your metabolism, so you can maintain it the rest of the day with small, simple activities. Be aware of your body the rest of the day…. can you do calf raises while you brush your teeth? Hop like a bunny with your toddler? Take the stairs at work? Fit in tiny bits of fitness, and 10 minutes is more than enough to kick start your metabolism.

* The Cleanse: Are you still worried that your body isn’t digesting properly? Personally, I feel like my body has no idea how to digest food (after years of misdiagnosed celiac disease, poor food choices, and more). This is why I’m trying the Dr. Natura cleanse for the rest of the month, in the hopes that it’s natural stimulants (digestive pills, powders and tea) will help gently kick start my system. If you’re curios to see how it works, follow my progress here (or try your own healthy, natural cleanse at home!)

Bonus Product Of The Week: RevolveR Journal

Writing down everything you eat during the week might seem like a cliche suggestion, but it actually does work. This RevolveR Journal is extra special because it’s literally two journals in one: letting you keep track of your nutrition and fitness habits equally, in one convenient place.

You Can Try The Shape Up: If you want to try, get unlimited support by commenting on the post of the week, or sending messages to @makeovermomma. I’m here to help you and want us to do this together!

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