Keri Russell Cocktail Dress — Figure Flattery Fashion

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Although mommas may rarely get opportunities to dress up or go to special events, mastering the art of the cocktail dress is a skill that every woman needs…

1. Know Your Body: Keri Russell and Salma Hayek (shown above) may have completely different body types, but both new mothers know how to flatter their shape.They key? Each is wearing a dress that focuses on the smallest part of their bodies (and not overly accentuating the rest).

2. Don’t Get Short: The length of your cocktail dress is all too important (or you’ll risk showing too much of that motherhood magic!)If your favorite feature is your legs, make sure the rest of your dress is made from breezy and loose fabric, whereas if your dress accentuates the torso (like Salma) stick to a nice just-above-the-knee length.

3. Be True To You: If you really want to feel comfortable at an event (and who doesn’t?), make sure to stick to what style feels right. If you love soft, feminine dresses, than don’t wear something skin tight and dark… go for a color, fabric or print that makes you feel amazing (and you’ll naturally look amazing!)

4. Know What Works: When in doubt, keep accessories simple for cocktail parties or low-key events. Choose one signature piece (brightly colored shoes, a dynamite clutch or a pair of large earrings) and keep everything else simple (it will help you truly shine!)

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