Keep Your Munchkin Healthy During Baby Safety Month

Do you ever lie awake at night worrying about all of the various things you need to protect your children from? Robbers. Thieves. Lime green eyeshadow. Whether or not you are battling various neurosis like me (or simple a worry wort), Munchkin has got your back when it comes to child safety. If you didn’t know this already, September is Baby Safety Month, and Munchkin has been doing plenty of worrying on our behalf as it quickly approaches.

In order to raise awarness about Baby Safety Month, we wanted to highlight some of Munchkin’s latest inventions, especially the baby gate. If your child gives you sly smiles like this (that could only mean trouble)…

You might want to invest in any of these amazing baby gates. They help protect your children from dangerous areas of your house, while still looking classic and beautiful (so your design aesthetic remains in tact)…

* The Auto-Close ($59.99): This is the Dodge Caravan of baby gates. It closes it’s doors completely on it’s own, so you never have to worry about baby slipping through. (And by the way, asking my husband for a “car with automatic doors” reference was a big mistake. He is still analyzing his answer and we’re going on 30 minutes….)

* The Deco ($69.99): If you have one of those chic, dark houses that I can only dream about, get this baby gate and keep your cool status in check.

Even white, classic options like The Extender (or the Extender Tall and Wide) will do your house proud. Plus, all options are available through Babies R Us retailers and, so you won’t have to treck all over the world to find them.

But if you’d rather start of small when it comes to Baby Safety Month, check out these Munchkin Safety Duckies. They let you know if the water is too hot for your kids by showing the word “HOT” (so it’s the perfect way for kids of any age to test the temperature and enter safely).

* Answer This: How do YOU want to celebrate Baby Safety Month?

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