Keep Your Kids Safe With No Flame Candles

Amy Adams and soon-to-be mom Natalie Portman take care of their homes.

* Family Breakdown of the Week:

What is the big deal with Scentsy? This is what I used to think (in my previous days of candle snobbery) when being met with enthusiasm from Scenty’s many fans. In my opinion, spending money on candles is as silly as shelling out for designer mascara (it sounds cool in theory but is never as good as the drugstore brands). Yet all it took was one glance at the classy Scentsy holders and one whiff of the beautifully rich scents, and I became a Scentsy freak almost instantly. I literally wake up in the morning, flick on my Scensty holder with one click of a button, and inhale as my home goes from “Eau De Poo Poo” to  “It Smells Like I Can Afford A Maid”.

But even though I’m an enormous Scentsy convert now, I never realized how many dangers your average candle can bring. In the past, families had an average of 15 minutes to escape their home in case of a fire. In today’s day and age? We have a mere 2 minutes to escape. Hot wax, burning flames and fire hazzards are just some of the many worries that we mommas can enjoy when bringing basic candles into our home (while Scentsy requires no flame, provides no danger and will never burn your children with wax). So now you can be smart and smell good at the same time: it’s a win-win!

* Want To Try Scentsy?: My favorite Scentsy provider Maria is offering a special 10% discount on January’s Holder of the Month. Meet Margot (above): she’s classy, she’s chic and she goes with just about any decor. And if you need “scentspiration”, my favorite smell at the moment is January’s My Wish. I spent hours last week wondering who was baking muffins in my kitchen before realizing it was simply My Wish (coming true, that is!)

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* Sound Off: What scent makes you feel like you have a clean home?

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One comment on “Keep Your Kids Safe With No Flame Candles
  1. Kirsten says:

    What a great idea! I had a small housefure recently due to a cancel being knocked over! Was extremely lucky it didnt get into the roof. These are a fabulous idea!

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