Keep Your Coffee Sweet and Skinny With Truvia Sweetener

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How do you take your coffee? I take mine as sweet and sugary as possible (if it tastes like a mocha, vanilla, creme brulee cake?… I’m fine with it.) Then again, after working years as a nutritional consultant and personal trainer for moms, I know that it’s not coffee that effects our figure… it’s what we put in it that really counts. Even though it’s tempting to load up with more whipped cream and syrup than a sundae, the best kind of coffee has low calorie additions like soymilk, cinnamon and no calorie sweetener.

Then again, not all “no calorie sweeteners” are created equal. Even though I’m normally not picky when it comes to additives, many moms are extremely turned off by the idea of toxic, artificial “sugar” in their bodies. Luckily, Truvia is an all natural addition to your life (it’s made from the stevia plant), and it can be used for baking, cooking, and yes… sweetening your daily cup of joe. Since Truvia is aiming to be in Starbucks nationwide soon, I decided to put my Truvia to the test by heading to my local SB for some time with friends and Fraps.

* Sound Off: What is your favorite way to sweeten your coffee (if at all?)

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2 comments on “Keep Your Coffee Sweet and Skinny With Truvia Sweetener
  1. Julie says:

    I have used Truvia before in my coffee!! I like it because as you said it is all natural – I also use Splenda because I really do ‘get it’ that it’s all about what you put in your coffee, and since I CAN’T do without it I try to find calorie free ways to make it sweet!

  2. I love Truvia! <3 (And this is NOT a surprise to anyone lol)

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