Katie Holmes Dance Workout — Revamp Your Routine

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 Do you want to find new ways to exercise and stay healthy, without having to leave your home? Read on for easy ways to mix up your routine from home:

* Keep It Simple: If you’re a high-tech momma who is too busy to track healthy habits (or even find time to workout), try letting motherhood be your workout with the new gadget Fitbit. Although it comes at a price, the Fitbitis worn on your clothing throughout the day (it’s tiny and wireless), and tracks how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, if you’re getting enough sleep at night (and even the quality of your sleep). Basically, it helps you analyze all of the things you never have time to think about! Perfect.

* Listen Up: A lot of celebrity moms (like Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes) are into dance driven workout programs, because they get tired of standard cardio.Try checking out new dance DVD’s like So You Think You Can Dancefitness DVD’s (featured here on That’s Fit), or Beach Body’s Hip Hop Abs to use at home… Jennifer Lopez, here we come!

* Every Bit Counts: Even if you can’t hit the beach this summer (or get outside), you can still get a surfer girl body (like surfing fan and mom, Kate Hudson). If you can afford it, try an at-home surfing balance board (like the Indo Board), which lets you train your core, legs and body simply by maintaining your balance. Use this while you’re watching TV or talking to the kids to help tone your body in no time… (If you want more ideas for things to do at home with your kids, try checking out the new PTA designated holiday: School Years Eve! We’re celebrating on August 30’th!)

* Do you want to revamp your workout routine? Send in your problems, dilemmas or questions, and we’ll help you shake things up!

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