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  Pregnancy can come with many unfortunate aesthetic dilemmas (including swollen ankles, hormonal breakouts, and the tendency to cry at random), but taking care of your teeth is certainly one of them. For many expectant mothers, brushing their teeth properly makes them gag, while teeth whitening procedures are far too dangerous for the baby. Now that you’re a Makeover Momma, learn how to whiten and brighten your teeth (without breaking the bank).

1. Be Efficient – If you’re a busy mother, you do not have hours to spend on complicated mouth trays and syringes of goop attempting to whiten your teeth. Keep things simple (and cheap) with the Rembrandt Whitening Touch Up Pen ($10 to 13), that can be used as much as you want throughout the day. If you’re consistent, you will see results.

2. Multitask Your Mouth – Since the whitening pen mentioned above is relatively gentle on the teeth (as compared to expensive dental procedures), try getting an additional (affordable) boost while brushing your teeth in the morning. Add a dose of the Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster gel ($5) to your normal toothpaste and scrub away!

3. Make It Easy – If dosing up on clever pens and gels isn’t your style, try keeping things natural (and relatively free) by using ingredients found in your own home. Mix together a small dab of hydrogen peroxide with a small dose of baking soda, and use to gently brush your teeth for whitening effect. However, be careful to only do this twice per month, so as not to irritate your smile with harsh ingredients.

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  1. These are nice helpful tips. I think that aside from this, you really don’t need to break the bank by consulting your dentist other methods to take care of your oral health during pregnancy.

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