Kate Winslet Beautiful Skin — Beauty Product Spotlight

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Try a shielding lotion for glowing, protected skin like Kate Winslet’s.

Beauty Product Spotlight: Skin MD Natural: Face, Hand and Body Shielding Lotion with Sunscreen SPF 15

Why We Love It: Its a well known fact that busy mothers have little time for complicated beauty routines (the mere idea of applying multiple creams, masks and hair products in one sitting is laughable!) We at Makeover Momma love the latest product from Skin MD Natural (who’s comprehensive website is chock full of skin advice from dermatologists and professionals alike), not only because it’s organic (good for ourselves, our kids and the environment) but it is a master multitasker. This lotion was created to protect skin against sun damage and environmental factors (we assume that includes dirty diapers), but can be used in a multitude of ways.

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How We Use It: We love keeping this portable bottle in our diaper bag for days when we forget to apply sunscreen to ourselves or our children (yes, even in the winter). After years of washing dishes and scrubbing toddlers scalps, this cream is also ideal for repairing hands and fingernails damaged from water, or hydrating dry areas on the face.Try rubbing a small amount of residue over split ends or dry hair, to keep strands smooth and protected from the sun.

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