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The Fit Momma: Kate Hudson

Her Routine: Kate Hudson is famous for being photographed working out in a variety of ways (whether hitting the slopes, above, or going for neighborhood jogs). Although Kate was a former dancer (who frequents jazz classes on occasion), she seems to live one of the most active lifestyles possible: playing tennis, going surfing, or walking with friends daily.

* Try to stop fitting exercise into your life in the form of “super sets”, “intervals” or any other complicated regimen (unless they truly work for you), and instead try to break a sweat every day. If accountability is an issue, try signing up for a few workout classes per week to bring variety into your life (try a dance class one day and strength training the next), or create weekly meetings with friends to hit the courts, slopes or sidewalk together.

*Have a celeb momma you’d like us to review? Is there a celebrity you love whose workout routine you want to achieve? Let us know!

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One comment on “Kate Hudson Workout Routine — Celeb Momma Fitness
  1. Coach Jenn says:

    Nice post. I posted about how Piper Montgomery lost 70 pounds with P90X. This is the program that I am using too!

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