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Look We Love: Choosing the right kind of diaper bag can seem nearly impossible in a world of “tacky D.B.s” (as we like to call them). Try picking a large, versatile bag like busy mother Kate Hudson (above), that can transition from newborns, to the store, to the airport and more.

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Make It Work For You: Skip diaper bags with any of the following faux-pas: cartoon characters (sorry Winnie the Pooh!), shiny, reflective surfaces (your bag doesn’t need to be laminated), or nursery pastels (you’re a grown up!) We know that some D.B’s are just too cute to resist, but the goal is to a choose a bag that matches the majority of your wardrobe, enhances your outfit, and looks chic.

    * Stay Classic:You can’t beat a sleek diaper bag that nearly resmebles a tote, like the Lava Totes Convertible Diaper Bag in chocolate (above).

    * Get More: Purchase a bag with more than meets the eye (like the Kalencom 5 Piece Set Bag).

    * Be Realistic: Keep it cheap and chic with a simple, purse-like bag (like the Merona Mini Pinched Tote in Magenta).

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2 comments on “Kate Hudson Large Tote — Look We Love
  1. IE Mommy says:

    I couldn’t agree more….as a mom of twins I needed something that would hold everything x2. Thankfully we are past that stage. At age 5 the twins can carry their own backpacks when we go to Disneyland, field trips and other types of outings. Thanks for the info 🙂

  2. Wow Great article! Thanks for sharing with us!

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