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  Despite any drama within their personal lives, reality mothers Kate Gosselin and Denise Richards have both been looking fit and healthy lately (when recently spotted at the beach). If you want to feel slim and trim this summer, try stealing simple tips from these busy moms, while avoiding any Hollywood price tags…

* Get A Personal Chef: Okay, we know you can’t actually hire a personal chef like so many celeb mommas, but you can find sneaky ways to track your food intake (and take the guess work out of meal planning). We love at-home services like the Sensei nutrition program, which allows you to enter your current body information and goals into a website, pick a meal plan that is ideal for your lifestyle (with the option to eliminate foods you might hate, like meat, or tasks you can’t stand, like cooking), and will personally help you along the way.

Try it out FREE for a month with our exclusive Makeover Momma reader discount code (courtesy of Sensei), which allows you to recieve  weekly shopping lists, activity charts and daily meal plans/recipes. Just enter the code MAKEOVER at “check out”, and you’re ready to go! For more on meal planning (like food delivery fan Denise), click here.

* Go Raw: Do you ever wish that you could eat a trendy, raw food diet like Demi Moore, or go completely organic like mom-of-8 Kate? Try getting the celebrity treatment by signing up for a raw food delivery service (like P.J.’s Raw Cuisine), which will ship a weeks worth of freshly-prepared meals to any place nation (once per week), and is completely organic, vegan and gluten-free (for those with food allergies).

Try cutting down on the $100 price tag, by freezing 1/2 of the food upon arrival, and supplementing one or two meals per day with simple salads, fresh smoothies (using affordable frozen fruit) and other low-budget (but healthy) options. You will get two weeks worth of nutritious options, without having to cook or prepare for hours at a time.

If you could try an celebrity diet or meal, what would it be? How do YOU mimic Hollywood eating from home, without spending a fortune?

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3 comments on “Kate Gosselin Beach Body — Revamp Your Routine
  1. Beachbody says:

    Thanks for these tips. It’s great that you have shared regarding one’s diet which really contributes to one’s health and not just pure physical exercise.

  2. bailey says:

    Thanks! I often feel like nutrition and diet help me the most of all with health, and exercise is just for my muscles and mind

  3. Air Jordan says:

    Only recently the comments left! It reminds me a little more about what I liked and I learned about this article! Great advice, thanks!
    Air Jordan

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