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JUST FOR FUN TREND:  P9OX — Intense In-Home Workout Video Systems

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REVIEW: We at Makeover Momma love any and all women who have the initiative, motivation and incentive to take care of their health post-partum by exercising. There are a wide variety of intense workouts systems, such as P90X, which (although their charming infomercials are fun to watch during late night feedings) are just not that realistic for busy parents.

Although we secretly wish we could try out this trend in our single days, these 60 minutes per day (for 90 days) sweat fests may deliver results to the lucky few with time to commit, but most of our energy is spent changing diapers and cleaning up crayon graffiti from our living room walls. And although infomercials are enticing, the nearly $120 price tag is staggering for strapped parents. How to improve this trend? Try renting a wide variety of challenging fitness DVD’s from Netflix or your local library, and rotating for 90 days to create your own routine. Better yet? Start exercising for 30 minutes per day in order to create lasting and reasonable results, and prevent post-partum fitness burn out.

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16 comments on “P9OX Workout Systems — Just For Fun
  1. Heather says:

    I too being a very busy mother of 2, own my own business that keeps me working 6 out of 7 days a week, finds time in the early morning. In fact because I scedule time in the early Am I find that my day goes so much better when I work out. For me, whose in great physical shape, P90X was the next step. Something to break the boring same old. I’m very happy I’m using it.
    My feeling is, that if you have the desire to get fit then you’ll find time. even if it’s at 4:30 Am or at 10 pm at night.

  2. busy2 says:

    Seems to be a bit lazy to give a c- to a program you didn’t bother to try.
    True, an hour a day is a commitment, but far from impossible.
    Who’s got the time? It’s that kind of thinking that results in a incredibly obese population in this country.
    How many of us watch an hour of TV every night?
    Personally, i gave up an hour of TV and just finished this program.
    It was NOT easy, but the results were outstanding.
    There are plenty of easy programs, and if you think a 3 minute workout is going to do it….good luck to you. If you want results, at least give p90x a try. Do it 75% of the time and it will be a better workout then most others at 100%.

    Are you guys reviewing movies you don’t see as well?
    Come on people!

  3. bailey says:

    ^ I agree that the “lazy mentality” is why we have such an increase in obesity in the U.S., and I certainly don’t advocate people not working out (which is why I am personal trainer and fitness writer to begin wtih). It’s only as a mother of a toddler that I have been unable to find a full hour of uninterrupted time 5 to 6 days a week to do an intense workout program- that doesn’t somehow involve my child. If I didn’t have to work during naps that would help (or if I sent my child to pre-school or daycare that would also free up more time)…but I feel that for extremely motivated mothers (like Heather, above) more power to you if you can try a program like this! I know I wish I could and I’m sure I’d love the results…

  4. kali says:

    I am one of those rediculously busy moms. To hear people complain about “time” with one toddler is annoying. Personally it just sounds like an excuse. I am a full time student and a mother of not one toddler but two toddlers and a newborn and I agree 100% Heather everyone has extra time in their day. They just have to make it. If that means sacrificing desprate house wives so be it if being a fit healthy role model for your kids is important to you. Heck sometimes I have to squeeze in time during my kids time but they don’t mind they think its a game and they grab their toy “weights” and “workout” with me.

  5. ash says:

    I am a s.a.h.m. with a 5yr and a 1yr old and I also run a construction business. P90X is awesOme and I agree with the other comments, –you have to decide what is more important sleeping in or getting up an hour early. I am about halfway through the program and I love it. The hour flys by and for those who say they cant find the time you can– its just an excuse. As for the $$ it is well worth it- in just 90days you have a total body makeover! who wouldnt pay for that?! 🙂 way better than going to a gym… i love P90X- A+

  6. Bailey says:

    Thanks Ash- good to know!

  7. Kara says:

    Everyone, even busy moms, has an hour a day to devote to exercise. I am a working mom of a one year old and I do P90X religiously. I sometimes even workout out twice a day, one hour each time. My thing is, if people just took an hour out of the time they usually sit and watch tv, they would have the time. I give P90X an A++! It is realistic for busy parents. If your health is your priority, you can get up early and workout for an hour or wait until the kids are asleep for a nap or for the night and do it. I am now smaller than I was pre-pregnancy because of P90X. People always want the easy way to get fit but I\’m sorry, it takes hard work and commitment! And I think the price is well worth it; I mean for the cost of maybe 2 or 3 personal training sessions, you have a whole system that you can use again and again. Also, how can someone review something if they never tried the program. FAIL! My health and fitness is important to me and being in great shape makes me a better mommy and wife!

  8. Bailey says:

    Thanks for your response and your opinion- it’s appreciated. However, did you see the latest P9OX review?- http://www.makeovermomma.com/blog/try-the-intense-p9ox-workout-regimen-of-sheryl-crow-and-poppy-montgomery-fitness-trend-focus

    Never once has Makeover Momma NOT been about putting health and fitness as a priority for moms (and acknowledging that it makes us better mothers in the process)- so it’d be nice if all P9OX fans can do their research before commenting (though we LOVE all of you fans!)

    Although there are tons of positives to acknowledge about this system, there still are some moms who do not have an hour (or two hours) a day to commit to exercise- that’s just a simple fact. It’s not a matter of laziness….some people have personal illnesses, disabled children, poor incomes, etc.- which lead them needing to spend more time focusing on other things. This doesn’t mean they should not exercise and seek out a healthy lifestyle- but it does mean that not every mother is lucky enough to have this luxury.

    Everyone should work out every day (or as much as possible)- agreed. Everyone should strive to be healthy, and not use TV or laziness as an excuse- agreed. But only those who trully want to be extremely fit, lean and toned (vs. just be healthy for their children) should go for P9OX, because the average mom (without loftier- and admirable- goals of extreme fitness) might not have that amount of time to commit to program.

    However, for those on the program- it WORKS. This has been said. As a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and health professional (which I believe very much gives me the experience to write about, study and research any form of fitness program)- is literally the ideal program for anyone wanting to achieve a wonderful body type, lose weight, etc. There is nothing wrong with this program, for anyone who has the time (and finanical freedom) to commit. It is fantastic!

    Congrats to you for all of your successes on the program. But expressing the opinion of other moms (who might not have the wonderful level of commitment, drive and time that you have)- does not make me a “fail”, or a loser, or fat (as other P9OX-er’s…not yourself…have expressed in the past). And good luck to anyone else embarking on this system!

  9. Tara says:

    How anyone could call Bailey fat is beyond me….have you seen her pictures and videos all over this site?! Bailey, thanks for sticking up for the moms who just aren’t able to devote an hour a day to exercise. I would really, really love to, believe me, but I have a toddler who does not think my time exercising is a fun game and a baby who doesn’t always sleep through the night. Sure, you can burn the candle at both ends and make exercise happen, but without the proper rest, it will backfire on you. I would love to try this program one day, but right now I simply don’t have the time or finances to invest. I’ll stick to free Youtube videos and walking/jogging with my kids in their stroller. While I want them to learn about the importance of exercise, showing them how to maintain a healthy balance in life is just as important.

  10. Bailey says:

    Thanks Tara! Again, the above comments didn’t specifically say fat (lazy, yes)- but many P9OX comments in the past have (I should have posted them, but marked them as spam because they seemed so pointlessly hurtful). Definitely glad to get a variety of mom perspectives! : )

  11. Hi Bailey, I see you’ve had a lot of responses to this P90X post…positive and negative that you didn’t post.

    As a Beachbody Coach, I work online with dozens of work-at-home moms with kids. You’re right, some mothers who started P90X found that the level of commitment to follow P90X to get the maximum results was too much for them. The workouts and the nutrition/meal plan requirements to do this workout were more than they had time for.

    Then there are other mothers who find that they can empower themselves by getting up and doing the workouts and preparing their meals before the family gets up.

    It really comes down to commitment and willingness to decide that you’re going to succeed at those intense 90 days of getting in shape and maximizing their weight loss. If they can’t commit to P90X, they then do Beachbody workouts like Turbo Jam or 10 Minute Trainer, which get results too.

    Keep preaching the value of fitness and the importance it has in living LIFE Bailey! 🙂

  12. Bailey says:

    Thank you. Everyone got so mad as if we implied that p9OX is a bad program. I think it is a phenomonal, fascinating way to achieve dramatic results. I just know not EVERY mom can make that commitment (with young kids)- but it clearly does the job, when you can! I can see why you’re a good coach : )

  13. Sylvia says:

    We love P90X! At first I was a little cautious because it seemed hard, but turns out it wasn\’t at all! My husband lost 25 lbs with it and I lost 10.. He actually made me stop doing it because I was getting too skinnY! How awesome is that!
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  14. Sylvia says:

    We love P90X! At first I was a little cautious because it seemed hard, but turns out it wasn\’t at all! My husband lost 25 lbs with it and I lost 10.. He actually made me stop doing it because I was getting too skinnY! How awesome is that!
    Personal Talking Scales

  15. Kaydee says:

    Does anyone know if P90X would help for someone with diastasis recti? I am desperate to mend my abs without surgery. Any advice?

  16. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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