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JUST FOR FUN TREND:  The Fit Flop. A new line of flip-flops designed to tone and tighten your lower half while you walk around all day.

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MAKEOVER MOMMA™ RATING: BREVIEW: We admit that we love the concept of the Fit Flop. How many hours a day do you spend on your feet at the playground, grocery store or just generally chasing after your children? The Fit Flop has been said to help tighten your leg, thigh and butt muscles by stimulating your muscles more than average shoes…giving you a mini workout without even trying. Although the shoe has been said to provide a real “burn” in the lower legs, the major downside of the shoe is its hefty price tag of $50 and that Fit Flops are typically available only online. We mothers may love to multi-task and certainly stay on our feet all day, but the majority of us would rather spend $50 on electricity bills or diapers in bulk than flip-flops. On the flip side (cheesy pun intended), if a generous spouse or friend is willing to give you a pair of these clever sandals…by all means, get your burn on!

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2 comments on “Fit Flop Shoes — Just For Fun
  1. fit flop says:

    The most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned….I can walk in them for miles and miles without my feet or legs getting tired, not something I can do in regular flipflops. They are more comfortable than expensive running shoes and a hell of a lot better looking.

  2. fitflops says:

    I have been wearing my fitflops for a couple of months now and while they have done a great job at toning my legs and butt, thats all they seem to do. Its like fit flops&lt get you to a point on your fitness, but cant help you any further.

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