Jessica Alba Autumn Workouts — Revamp Your Routine

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New parents Jessica Alba and Cash Warren get outdoors for a healthy walk.

   This time of year may feel beautiful, crisp and scenic, but autumn weather is rarely condusive to a workout regimen. Instead of letting the colder air deter you from healthy habits, try creating workouts around normal, seasonal activities.

Get Riding – Try renting bicycles before the weather gets too cold, and going for scenic bike rides with your family. Even taking stroller strolls with your baby (or strap them in a chest pouch like Jessica Alba, shown above) can be educational and productive. Try letting your child learn about different colors from the changing leaves, or collect leaves to press into stationary for an affordable holiday gift.

Clean Up – If your yard seems to multiply leaves like rabbits (or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt), try using a simple cleaning as your workout. Every day acts like raking the leaves in your front yard can be a great workout (better than watching the Macy’s Day Parade with a plate of cinnamon rolls), and so can other holiday tasks like cleaning up for guests or cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Avoid weight gain (instead of maintanence) by chewing mint gum throughout the cooking process (no taste tests, please!) and doing additional sets of squats, counter-top incline push ups or jumping jacks at desginated times (for example, when food goes in the oven, whenever a mixer needs to be used, or whenever salt is added to a recipe).

Get Moving – Try choosing weekend activities that get your family moving this fall. For example, skip the hay ride and walk around the pumpkin patch, do a couple extra laps around the grocery store or mall whenever shopping for food or gifts, or simply park as far away from each store as possible. All of us mommas have heard these simple tips before… but how many of us have actually done them? Even adventerous outings like a horseback ride with family during crisp weather, or indoor exercise (like Makeover Momma’s review of hula hoop workouts) are enough to keep you moving this year.

* What do you do to stay fit in the Fall? Please share with us!

Stay tuned for Winter Weather Workout advice, coming soon.

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