Jennifer Lopez White Outfit — Look We Love

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Look We Love:Wearing a monochromatic outfit may seem like a quick, cliche way to look thinner after baby, but it can actually be incredibly chic (when done right).

Make It Work For You:

* Change It Up: Take a clue from ever stylish mom Jennifer Lopez, and try wearing a monochromatic outfit in something other than black (try lighter colors in warm weather, like white or khaki). Pick a pair of pants in a soft cream color (like 7’th Avenue Stretch Cotton Flares), or something darker if you fear for stains (which as a mom, we can’t blame you).

* Fit It Right: Although wearing white from head to toe may seem like the quickest way to say “check out my every flaw”, it can be super slimming as long as you’re picking a top and bottom that fit your body perfectly.Instead of picking a blazer or suit top, keep this look fashionable and casual by wearing a matching hoodie (like the Merron Terry Jacket in white) or a soft blouse.

* Add Some Color: Keep this outfit from looking boring by adding chic accessories in a varying color(like bright sunglasses or shoes) or a bold tank underneath.

Want to suggest a Look You Love (and learn how to get it)? Would YOU ever dare to wear this outfit? Speak up and share!

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2 comments on “Jennifer Lopez White Outfit — Look We Love
  1. One of my favortite mammas…this look not only applies to mammas but to any woman who does not have a lot of time!
    Gigi Strickland

  2. NICHOLE says:

    I luv da outfit Jennifer Lopez iz wearin Jenifer Lopez iz my romodel

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