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Want to look as fresh faced and awake as moms Jennifer Garner (Neutrogena spokeswoman) and Halle Berry?

Whether you are a new or veteran mother, parenting takes a tole on your skin. If you feel like the hours of sleepless nights, fluctuating hormones and stress are beginning to show on your face (or if you simply have lost that healthy glow), try helping your skin out with a clever mask.

Regardless of if you’re a fashioniasta or new-found recessionista, check out these perfect Splurge and Save products…

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The Splurge: Sampar Nocturnal Lifting Mask

Why We Love It: This product from Sampar is meant to make skin look smoother, softer and younger with hydrating and anti-aging combination of antioxidants(so it fights free radicals and additional damage too!) It comes in a high-tech looking container that prevents it from becoming contaminated (and completely fulfills our diva fantasies), and has a slightly alarming texture (which although creepy to touch, dries into a soft, clean layer of mask barely detectable on the skin). Does it get any better than multitasking while you sleep?

The Save: Neutrogena Ageless Restoratives 5 Minute Facial

Why We Love It:If all you have is 5 minutes to take care of yourself in the morning (and what mother doesn’t?), try Neutrogena’s new 5 minute facial product. It smooths on and washes off similar to a basic facial mask, but works like a peel to help refresh your skin and improve signs of aging. And did we mention that it only takes 5 minutes?

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Want to keep your face hydrated and youthful all day long? Try taking the advice of Beauty Bloggerati expert Carla, from Product Girl, who recommends spritzing face with aromatherapy water (to keep skin fresh and awake throughout the day!)

*All product suggestions at Makeover Momma can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart, Target, drugstore, or online at affordable retailers.

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