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The Nutrition Momma: Jennifer Garner

How She Eats: We at Makeover Momma love Jennifer Garner for her seemingly laid-back, practical attitude and approach to mothering (don’t you feel like you could be friend?) When she isn’t taking her little ones to the playground or working out with her long time trainer Valerie Walters (if she has the time), she’s strolling local farmers markets and picking up tons of fresh produce and ingredients for her diet.

  According to her trainer, Jennifer eats small meals frequently throughout the day (5 to 6), averaging in at about 1,600 calories (track your own at websites like Spark People). Even though it’s tempting as a tired mom, she makes sure to never skip meals (even breakfast), and chooses lean protein, colorful produce (vegetables and fruit) and small amounts of whole-grain carbohydrates for most of her meals.

Do It Yourself:

* Instead of worrying about portion control, keep calories low by choosing pre-portioned meals like packets of organic oatmeal, low-fat string cheese, or slices of apple or celery with miniature containers of peanut butter.

* Keep lunch and dinner simple at all times, by choosing a lean protein (grilled salmon or chicken) and plenty of produce (steamed vegetables and salads).

* If you’re a busy mom, creating healthy snacks throughout the day seems nearly impossible. Take the time one day per week to stock your fridge with “grab and go” snackslike small containers of low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit, Wasa-brand crackers with a few slices of cheese or almond butter, and unsalted, raw nuts (like almonds).

* Improve the nutritional value of every mealby adding fresh fruit and flax-seeds to morning oatmeal, vegetables to egg white omelets, or a scoop of whey protein powder to fresh fruit smoothies. (For more ideas on avoiding weight gain during motherhood, click here).

* Have a celeb momma you’d like us to review? Is there a celebrity diet you’d love to know more about? Let us know!

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