It’s OK To Fake It: How To Get a Tan, Glowy Complexion… and Fool the World


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The Products: CoverFX CC Cream and Kardashian Beauty Sunbeam Airbrush Leg Spray

The Need: My wedding is rapidly approaching (5 weeks and counting), and I couldn’t be less organized. We have nary a wedding ring, rented car, or concrete plan in sight… yet this only seems more impossible with the holidays, dance show season and mass craziness rapidly approaching. Still, there is one thing I always have time for: makeup! In reality, I don’t wear a lot of makeup (typically only using mascara on weekends, at the most)- which may seem like an odd dichotomy for a beauty blogger, but it’s actually somewhat ideal. Why? Because the less I wear on my face during the week, the pickier I become with brands, textures and the like. In fact, I am so picky about cosmetics- let alone wedding looks – that I’ve never let another soul style me until recently.

So maybe it’s somewhat surprising that I can’t wait to have my aesthetically-savvy friend Kim H shellack my face come December… and hopefully I don’t micro-manage her TOO much. That being said, which products have made my super-finicky cut in recent weeks? Read on…

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The CC Cream: I am an obnoxious, pretentious elitist. When everyone else liked N’Sync in the 90’s, I loved Alice in Chains (just because). If all my friends had straight hair and pretty makeup, I had blue hair and wallet chains (really, ’tis true). And even though my external rebellion has somewhat ceased- save for the odd tattoo or hairstyle whim- my internal snobbery has not. This is why I buck from most beauty trends (cough, cough, ombre hair… cough, cough, Rihanna nails)… and BB and CC creams often top the list. Therefor, when it came to try the new CC Time Release Tinted Treatment with SPF 30 from CoverFX, I stuck my nose in to the air… and changed my mind. Perhaps it was because that very same nose was shiny from over-cleaning, dry from harsh winter air, and splotchy from pesky life-long freckles…but who knows.

Final synopsis? Lesson learned? Ending epiphany? Never be too snobby to try something once. Yes, years ago I tried a tinted moisturizer that made my skin breakout for months, and have been terrified of them ever since…. But this time? My skin has never looked more even, calm and cool. In fact, after cleansing my complexion thoroughly at night, I dab a little blob of this CC Cream on my cheeks to even out my skin tone during my sleep cycle. So far I’ve had zero clogged pores… nil backlash…and look way better than I actually should whilst awaking in the morning. Yay for tricking my future husband! That’s what the basis of marriage is, right?

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The Bronzer Spray: My skin is naturally more Greek than my previously-bleech-blonde hair would have everyone believe. If I go in the sun for a few minutes I get golden fast without burning, and I hold on to a tan as fiercely as T.Swift with teenage heartbreak. Although this is potentially addictive- how easy would it be for me to stay tan year round?- I try to avoid overdoing it in the sun since skin cancer runs in my family, and I wasn’t born yesterday (yay brain cells!) That being said, I am a lot less pleased with my apt-to-olive skin tone lately… all thanks to my medications. Since I’m on high doses of antibiotics more often than not (sometimes oral, sometimes IV), I swear the color is being sucked out of my skin. I don’t know if this is a real thing, but I have never gotten whiter faster than in the last few months… and I’m none to pleased.

Could I go to a tanning bed or try the faux effect? Yes, I could. But do I want to speed up the wrinkle process or stain my wedding dress orange? Not so much. Instead, I’m voting for using a temporary color for the big day (without fear of tangerine bed sheets, or weird shower streak lines, or anything in between). My big plan is to mix equal parts of the new Kardashian Beauty brand Sunbeam Airbrush Leg Spray with basic lotion and a hint of shimmer, and apply thoroughly to exposed skin. The trick is spraying it in your palm first, and smoothing it evenly over everything… not just your legs. After letting it dry, I may even repeat. Although part of me was skeptical about this plan, I proved myself right when the fiancee entered the room [after applying it thoroughly for testing purposes] and said “Hey, you look darker.” You mean a dude actually noticed something a woman did, excluding shaving her head and tattooing her face? Win!

Testing out the leg spray for bachelorette night out… AND enjoying time with my makeup artist buddy Kim!

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