It Might Seem Impossible, But You Can Look Elegant In A Romper: Trendy Tuesdays With Kassandra


Some moms (like Ashlee Simpson and Nicole Richie) can actually pull off rompers…

The Trend: Rompers!

Do you ever envy your baby when you dress him or her in a simple yet comfortable romper? Do you ever wish you yourself could just jump into a romper and go on with the rest of your day? Well, now you can! Whoever thought of the brilliant idea of rompers for adults should be rewarded ten times over. Rompers not only are comfortable, but they make getting dressed in the morning less of a daunting task (as long as you have the right body type to pull off this trend). Add the right accessories like the perfect pair of heels and a bunch of glittery, sparkling necklaces and you’re all set to tackle whatever the day throws at you! So here are a few of my favorite picks!

* Silence & Noise Knot Front Romper

There are a few really amazing aspects to this romper. For starters, the color is just to-die-for. If that beautiful lilac color doesn’t get you in the mood for fun this summer, nothing will! The next great thing is the neckline. How adorable is the knotted front and the splayed sweetheart finish? The last thing that’s wonderful about this piece is the pockets. Now, now, I know what you’re thinking: what’s so great or out of the ordinary about pockets? But let me tell you, when it gets hot, holding onto a leather bag that’s quickly gathering heat is a big burden. And if your outfit has pockets, you can put all you need into it without the extra hassle! This romper is from Urban Outfitters and is only $32 to get it today!

* Leading Lady Woven Jumpsuit

Just like the name of this romper suggests, wearing it will make you feel like the leading lady of your life  (as you should be!) Some rompers can be too short and then it becomes too childish. But this romper has nice long pants that are made of a lightweight material so it’s not stifling for this summer! This romper is a classy way to dress up this season without being too frumpy. With the slimming black and the patent leather waist belt, it’s hard not to stand out. This piece is from Forever 21 and is just $29.80.

* Haute Hippie Silk Romper

I love green. Love it. It’s my favorite color and I absolutely adore this emerald hue. It’s bright without being too bright yet it stands out enough to announce your presence in any setting. What’s nice about this romper in particular is the wide scoop neck and the long, flowing sleeves. For ladies who don’t like to show off their upper arms (I’m just like you!), this sleeve is a heaven-sent gift. Haute Hippie is a great brand that has unique, wonderful pieces that are unusual yet elegant at the same time. This romper is very expensive unfortunately, at $295, but there’s no reason you can’t find another like it!

* Trend Sound Off: What do you think? Is it fashion forward or childish to be wearing a romper this season?

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One comment on “It Might Seem Impossible, But You Can Look Elegant In A Romper: Trendy Tuesdays With Kassandra
  1. Kassandra, I LOVE the green one! It looks so flattering in the midsection… I’ll have to look for one like that : )

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