Is Your Face A Time Bomb Waiting To Go Off?: Speedy Brand Spotlight

Want to turn back the clock (like youthful looking moms Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes?) Don’t break the bank…

Millions of women around the world continue to search for an anti-aging skincare line that can prevent and reduce wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. However, more and more women are unable to afford pricier skin regimens, and therefor abandon taking care of their skin all together. Want to see how you can get an entire preventative regimen for under $80? We hop the pond to England for some answers…

The Brand: Lulu’s Time Bomb Skin Care

* Stop Drying Your Skin: So many moms dry their skin out with harsh, irritating cleansers, but don’t realize that this can accelerate the signs of aging (and exacerbate breakouts). The Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream contains tiny crystals (the same thing used in microdermabrasion treatments) to remove dread skin cells and unclog pores, while keeping the complexion hydrate with creamy ingredients.

* Treat The Problem: The Glory Days day cream not only hydrates and treats the skin, but it also conceals the dull, drab effects of your tiring routine (by using illuminating particles). Even better, the Smart Balm eye cream regenerates the thin skin around the eyes, while treating puffiness and dark circles all at once (it’s like the Supernanny of skincare products).

* Get Serious At Night: If you want a powerful night cream that fights free radicals with intense antioxidants, you will be surprised at how healing and gentle the Flashback night cream can be. If you want immediate results, the Killer Filler helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles instantly (while still treating your skin with long term effects).

Want to save $32 on a groundbreaking Somme Institute serum? There are only 6 days left to get the Somme Institute serum (which contains years of scientific research and one-of-a-kind ingredients to perfectly balance all types of skin) for only $50 (down from $82!) Try buying it this week in our Makeover Momma shop, and know that 50% of the proceeds are going to help military family’s at the Fisher House (for more information, see “They Give To Your Country, Now You Give Back To Them“).

* Sound Off: How much do you spend on anti-aging skincare products?

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