Introducing The Shkirt (Wear Your Shirt as a Skirt Without Ever Touching a Pair of Scissors)


The Topic: Because I can’t Do-It-Myself to save myself, I stear clear of anything involving glue guns or scissors or any true skill whatsoever. After witnessing a shirt worn as a skirt on the world wide webernet (yep, bringing that term back), I took the idea and ran with it. Introducing, the “shkirt”- a way to wear your skirts and sweaters as bottoms without harming the tops whatsoever. In fact, all of the items I wore below, I wore again the next day as a shirt/sweater. Your wardrobe just doubled my friends… be excited, be very excited.

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DIY For The Anti-Crafter:

* The Bow In Front Shkirt: Take a long sleeve shirt or sweater (obviously one with a normal sized neckline) and pull it over your head and down to your waist. Smooth out the sleeves and tie them in a bow in front. Wiggle the shirt around so that it “ruches” a bit over your toosh and hips and thus resembles a cute skirt… done!

* The Twisted Belt Shkirt: Slip the long sleeve top over your head and down to your waist, as per usual. Take one sleeve outright and twist it tightly. Cross it over your waist to the other sleeve, and tye them in a knot. Take the excess fabric from the longer, non-twisted sleeve, and tuck it back up under the makeshift belt. Done!

* The Bow-On-Your-Bottom Shkirt: I used my all time favorite black sweater for this one (and literally wore it as its maker intended the very next day). Sweaters require a bit more wiggling and “cinching” of fabric so that it flatters overall. In this case, I tied the sleeves in a bow in the back… who knew wearing a sweater as a skirt was so comfortable?

Don’t-It-Yourself: Not in the mood for “slipping” and “twisting”? This metamorphosis garm is $29.

Want to shout out about the “shkirt” from the mountain tops? Start on Pinterest first and I’ll write a sonnet in your honor (or just say “thanks”).

Let Me Know: Would you ever try this?

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