Inside Tips For Raising A Child With Special Needs

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* The Makeover Momma TV Recap:

How many of us have a child with special needs? The goal of this week’s Makeover Momma TV show was not only to start a dialogue about our struggles and hardships as parents of kids of every level, but also to open up about any issue hitting mothers today. Whether too much pressure on our weight (pushing some women to eating disorders) or too little support for our children with unique difficulties….it’s time to open up and get honest. You ready?

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Makeover Momma TV “TV Show”: Raising A Child With Special Needs

What is the best way to raise a child with special needs? This is the first question asked in this week’s episode of the MMTV TV Show (a docu-style look at issues in motherhood today), and it’s one of many issues that parents deal with constantly. As the mother of a hearing impaired child, I have my own set of needs to consider, and am constantly worry about what I’m doing “wrong”. What suggestions do you have on this topic? Speak up and let’s start chatting!

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