Improve Your Skin In a Month Like Kate Hudson and Courtney Cox-Arquette: Real Momma Product Review

Want a seamless complexion like moms Kate Hudson and Courtney Cox-Arquette (at the Golden Globes?) Try this…

Although our Real Momma Lisa is already on Week 3 of her month long experience with Filextra (an anti-aging skin treatment), she has definitely seen results in the hydration and smoothness of her skin. Here what she has to say this week…

Week 3: “I don’t know how much my skin has lifted from “mid-face sink” [how Filextra describes the hollow, sagging effect that comes from aging], but I do think my skin feels smoother and I look more refreshed in the mornings. I think I would have to use any anti-aging products for more than 4 weeks to get huge results, but this has already helped my skin look like I’ve had a good night’s sleep!”

Want to know how else you can erase fine lines, hydrate your skin and feel better about your skin? We love this multi-tasking Age Prevent Nutrient Fortifier Treatment product from Perricone MD, because it can be used in a variety of different ways (daily moisturizer, makeup primer, anti-aging treatment) without ever drying out or increasing the sensitivity of your skin.

* Follow the rest of Lisa’s journey with Week 1 and Week 2… and stay tuned! Next week we show the final video of Lisa’s Filextra experience and prepare to giveaway the entire Good Skin Labs skincare line. Be ready to comment!

Check out Filextra at your local Kohl’s, or leave your own comments, questions and reviews on the Filextra Facebook page!

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4 comments on “Improve Your Skin In a Month Like Kate Hudson and Courtney Cox-Arquette: Real Momma Product Review
  1. ZFrancis says:

    I always wondered about Perricone MD products. I’ve seen them advertised on billboards and magazines with these artsy layouts, wondering if it was a legitimately unique product, not just gimmicky advertising. Good to hear it’s actually worth the press!


  2. Bailey says:

    Yeah, I really am loving their products (especially the lotion/anti-aging style of creams). My sister has tried a few of the Perricone products with me (to make sure I’m not being biased in anyway), and she is someone who doesn’t normally have interest in any products (she could care less), and doesn’t like things with bad smell, texture, etc…and she actually loves all of them! She keeps comparing everything to Perricone now ; )

  3. Johanna says:

    Always wanted to try see them on qvc too and mags but price always seemed out of reach like lamer!!love his diet program on PBS

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