Improve Your Family’s Health With Easy Green Cleaning

You don’t have to be famous (like moms Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Williams) to live green…

If there is one thing I hate to do in life (other than waxing my legs or running a marathon), it’s cleaning. And unlike the former two (which I’ve been able to avoid my entire life), the latter is something to which all of us moms must eventually submit. Even though I wish I could hire someone to do it for me (my friends swear that’s the best thing they’ve ever done), my bank account laughs in the face of this idea (and sticks it’s tongue out at me, I can only assume). But even though I must resign myself to the dreaded activity we call housecleaning, I still worry about the toxic chemicals spreading throughout my house.

I may not be a green living guru (like my buddy Shane from Environmental Booty), but I do have an intense awareness about the harmful ingredients in our every day cleaning products, and the effect it can have on our children’s health. As the rates of asthma, allergies and breathing ailments continue to rise, it doesn’t take Einstein to draw a parallel to the rise in synthetic cleaning agents inside our homes. (And yes, that’s as close I’m getting to doing math this morning).

Even though my youngest’s lung problems occurred nearly 18 months ago (when she was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unity after birth), I still find myself glaring at any person who dares to smoke or spray toxic agents in her general direction. Fortunately, I have discovered Aussan Naturals: a brand of 100% natural, non toxic and hypoallergenic cleaning products that lets you clean (or at least think about cleaning) without finding me glaring at you from a distance. Each Aussan Naturals kit (whether Natural Home Cleaning Kit or Natural Chef) comes with 2 – 3 large products, none of which will harm your health. My personal favorite is the Aussan Naturals Baby Kit, because the Nursery Odor Eliminator is safe to spray anywhere (and will make the room smell like you finally hired that cleaning crew!)

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* Speak Up: What is your favorite trick for using eco-friendly products to clean?

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2 comments on “Improve Your Family’s Health With Easy Green Cleaning
  1. Shane says:

    Hi Bailey and another big congrats on your win! I really appreciate the shout out in your post. It is so great that you are spreading the word on living a greener, healthier life. Your information is right on target.
    Thanks for the info on Aussan.

  2. Shane says:

    P.S. Reese Witherspoon is hot isn’t she? Her ex. Ryan whatever is a complete moron for cheating. Idiot.

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