Improve Your Circuit Training Routine Like Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lopez: Real Momma Product Review

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 If you want a workout routine that takes mere minute a day, works every part of your body, and never repeats the same exercise pattern…than you will love our latest Real Momma Review. Jenny (mother of two boys) was eager to try out the Powerhouse Hit The Deck workout cards, which involve a multitude of exercise cards (both cardio and strength movements), that can be shuffled, chosen at random, and used to create a fast-paced, efficient circuit routine…right in your own home! Here’s what she thought…

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Product: Powerhouse Hit the Deck Interval box set

Overall: “LOVE it!!! What an ingenious idea!”

The Concept: “The timer guides you as you do intervals of the exercises listed on each of the cards.  There are 3 ability levels, as well as warm up and cool down cards.

I started out first with the “No Sweat” set of cards, but I must admit that I broke a sweat quite readily. I then moved onto a work out with the “I’m glistening” set, during which I sweat profusely.  Needless to say, by the time I got to the “Sweating buckets” set I was a bit intimidated.  I work out several times a week and usually consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but these cards kicked my butt!

I love that the cards are so portable, so you can easily take them along while traveling.  I also like that you can vary the card set and interval length according to level or according to the amount of time that you have to work out. This morning I only had 15 minutes to work out, so I chose the hardest level and shorter interval lengths and still got quite a work out, even though my time was limited.

An extra momma perk with these is that my child can watch TV (educational programming of course,) while I work out so that he stays out of my hair.  When I do a workout DVD, the TV is obviously occupied, so I usually have to dodge the cars and books my child has strewn about or have to try to keep him from jumping onto my back as I do push ups.

So… I definitely and wholeheartedly recommend these cards. They’re great!” Learn more about Powerhouse Hit The Deck with “It’s Easy To Get Katherine Heigl and Cindy Crawford’s Workout Routine.”

* Have you ever tried circuit training? What did you think?

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  1. Rachel says:

    That sounds really good. I’ll have to check those out when I start working out again.

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    Sounds fun! Have never tried them, but nice to mix it up, and try different things!!!

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