Improve Your Arms — Three Minute Body Tips

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   It goes without saying that mothers need strong arms for a variety of activities (whether toting babies like mother Isla Fisher, above, or carrying enormous diaper bags), but it can be hard to find time to train those muscles. Instead of worrying about complicated bicep routines or arm toning exercises, boost your burn with these easy tricks for three minutes, three times per week…

Three Minutes To Improve Your Arms

1. Start Twisting:The next time your baby is napping, playing or you’re watching TV, try picking up 2 to 8 pounds weights to do simple arm exercises for three minutes. Try making the movements more potent once a week by adding twisting movements to each exercise. For example, start a basic bicep curl but twist weights in towards your armpits at the end of the movement, or rotate palms upwards to the ceiling at the end of a lateral raise.

2. Use Pulses: Try picking 4 to 5 simple arm movements for three minutes (like the ones found here), and doing 10 to 12 reps of each exercise. However, try holding the weight at the end and begin doing small pulses (using your muscles and not momentum). After 30 pulses, take a break and feel the burn.

3. Skip the Weights:Instead of worrying about weights or complicated tools, try toning your arms simply by using your own body weight for a few minutes. Try doing simple movements like push-ups or tricep dips, but make them harder by holding in the 1/2 way position for 30 seconds between repitions (for example, holding a push-up 1/2 way down). When in doubt, simply do any body weight exercises you can think of for three full-out minutes until completely exhausted. Any workout is always better than nothing!

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  1. MizFit says:

    it is a simple as using our own weight huh?

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